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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 1st, 2020
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The highly competitive world of massage & therapy devices, or massage guns specifically, has a premium option. The HyperVolt series of handheld massage tools from HyperIce are highly reviewed and recommend tools for those who love their sports and want technology to add in recovery.

How does a massage gun work?

Massage guns enable owners to provide themselves with what’s known as percussive therapy. This kind of massage applies rapid bursts of pressure into the body to hit the muscle tissue. Whereas a masseuse would traditionally deliver a series of deft strikes from their hands to the given muscle group to achieve this, a massage gun oscillates back and forth to create the effect, with various attachments aiding in making the process more comfortable, or allow you to target a more specific region.

What makes massage tools so popular?

Massage guns can target a specific problem area, when it arises, from the comfort of... well.. wherever you want. With no expensive ongoing costs, once you own one, you can enjoy using it as often as you like. The pleasant feeling they induce is undeniable, increasing blood flow to a stiff muscle area, helping to reduce muscle tension after a hard work out starts to cool. Some use their massage gun ahead of an intense workout to help prepare the muscles ahead of the activity. Percussive therapy isn't magical, it will not eliminate muscle soreness completely, this HyperVolt Massage Tool is intended for muscle health, rather than relaxation, and it's certainly no cheap toy!

What makes the Hypervolt & Hypervolt Plus different?

Aside from the price, attachments included and colour, there are a couple of key differences in the two models, the power output. The original HyperVolt has a 60W brushless motor, the HyperVolt Plus is equipped with a 90W high-torque brushless motor, a 30% increase in power. This increase in power means the HyperVolt Plus weights slightly more at 1.36 KG, and doesn't last as long with battery life at 2.5 hours VS 3 hours on the original HyperVolt massage gun.

HyperVolt is also an award-winning massage gun endorsed by athletes. The original HyperIce Hypervolt has been in the market for a while now, winning the Men's Health Fitness Award in 2018 for Best Recovery Tool. Via Men's Health: "In 2016, TheraGun introduced the concept of a massage gun: Target a muscle, press the trigger, and feel its gentle pulse relax your tight spot. The shiny Hypervolt ups the ante, delivering quiet resistance with a handful of attachments, including a fingerlike massage head that’s perfect for tight forearms."

Also of interest is a partnership with HyperIce and Naomi Osaka, the world famous tennis player and current world number #1, who endorses the benefits of using self-massage tools for recovery and good health.

Naomi is known for her vigorous serve and aggressive playing style, she has been playing competitive tennis for many years and remarks "I am young, and I want to keep my body young, because I love what I do".

The HyperVolt series of massage tools are available now, along with a range of exciting new massage & therapy devices to massage out the kinks. Should you get one? How about you have a quick look at your gym bag, now try to remember the last time your fitness kit got an upgrade this good.

Go on, treat yourself! (with a HyperVolt Massage Gun)

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