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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated February 13th, 2024
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Today, we're going to look at the best electric scooters currently available in New Zealand including models from popular brands Xiaomi and Segway. If you're sick of fussing around looking for a park or simply want a lower cost method of getting around, an electric scooter is a great solution. In this guide, we're sharing some of our top picks, along with a quick Q&A at the end that answers some common questions we've been asked. It's been a lot of fun testing everything out again, especially the APPS, and it's all so we can answer the big question! What is the Best Electric Scooter?

Quick list! Top 4 Electric Scooters available now in NZ

  1. Segway Nintebot GT2 Super Scooter
  2. Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric Scooter
  3. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 2 Pro
  4. Segway Ninebot F30 Kick Scooter
  5. Segway C20 KickScooter

1. Segway Ninebot GT2 - The Best of The Best!

Coming in first, we have the beastly Segway Ninebot GT2 Super Scooter. If you feel the need for speed, have long distances to cover, and have the budget to match, this is the scooter for you! This scooter offers exceptional speed with outstanding battery, capable of a MAX speed of 70KM/H and a MAX distance of 90km! Plus, it will tackle inclines with ease thanks to a 30% climbing range.

For this level of speed and distance, a strong, durable build and advanced technology is a must and the GT2 has plenty of that! The GT2 two-hub motor generates a 3000W maximum motor power in each, reaching 88Nm peak torque. This power lets you go from 0-48km/h in just 3.9 seconds! The high-performance battery also has a Heat Flux Multi-Layer Cooling System to ensure heat stays balanced, even in the most extreme driving conditions. Speed, power, battery life, range, and more are displayed right in front of you on a world's first transparent PM OLED display.

You can ride in confidence knowing the GT2 was designed with performance and safety in mind. It features the unique Segway Dynamic Traction Control System (SDTC) which ensures you remain in control on a gravel or a slipper road, providing better handling at high speeds. A front double wishbone suspension ensures the suspension is stable and handles well, while a rear trailing arm suspension provides agility and comfort as you drive. Front and rear hydraulic shocks and a hydraulic disc brake also ensure smooth riding and powerful breaking strength. Self-sealing tires also provide ultimate road-gripping capacity and have a low risk of punctures.

Ambient light mode options, left and right indicators, and double safety quick-folding are just some of the other features that you'll find in this scooter. If all out power, speed and distance is your top priority, the Segway GT2 Super Scooter is your best bet! Don't forget to include the price of safety gear in your budget too. 

2. Segway Ninebot MAX G2 – Great Performance

Perhaps you don't need the level of speed the GT2 offers, but it still matters to some degree. For you, we recommend the Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric KickScooter - a premium e-scooter model from Segway, and the successor to the popuar G30 Max. The G2 MAX is our next top choice for distance - capable of travelling an AMAZING 70km on one charge.

The MAX G2 has a top speed of 25km/h but can be overclocked to up to 35km/h and has 22% climbing range. Rear wheel drive and simultaneous dual braking system, both the front-wheel mechanical drum brake and the back-wheel electric brake, provides stability and steerability. The Regenerative Braking gives you extra energy which will be collected in the battery and distributed when you need a boost.

Additionally, it includes front and rear suspension, higher and wider handlebars for more stability, left and right indicators, an electric horn, a wider footboard, RideyLong technology, integration with Apple’s Find My Network, and automobile-class Traction Control Systems (TCS). TCS improves the rider's control, providing stability on slippery surfaces and preventing sudden loss of control. This groundbreaking feature sets it apart from other KickScooters and offers users a safer, more precise, and enjoyable riding experience.

The Ninebot MAX G2 is a serious eScooter with a serious price tag to match, but it does offer impressive speed, climb, range and fast charging for the price. The size and weight make it suitable for adults up to 120kg.

Looking for the one of the best Electric Scooters? Order your Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric Scooter today!

3. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 2 PRO - Balance of Price/Performance

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 2 PRO is takes up the spot for best overall value, balancing both price and performance! The Electric Scooter 2 Pro lets you travel faster and farther, boasting an incredible 45KM max distance and a top travelling speed of 25KMPH. It can also tackle inclines you might encounter on your ride with a 20% hill grade. 

Along with being a powerhouse that lets you ride faster and further, the Electric Scooter 2 Pro has some great features to enhance the way you ride. It has a built-in front LED light (with 1.5w high-brightness) to illuminate the path in front of you as you ride, as well as rear lights so you can be seen in low light conditions and even blink to alert pedestrians and vehicles when you are braking. It also has reflectors on the front, side and rear, ensuring you are seen from every angle while riding at night. Durable shock absorption on the tires will also help to ensure a smooth, stable and comfortable ride.

The Electric Scooter 2 Pro is super sleek and lightweight, weighing just 14.2kg. Folding it down when you you're on public transport, at work or university, or to store at home or in your car is super convenient too with a one-touch folding system. You can take it with you just about anywhere! This combination of speed, distance and safety make this scooter choice for anyone who wants  fantastic performance, without shelling out over $1000. The slightly larger size and range also make this one our top pick for adults.

4. Segway Ninebot F30 Kick Scooter - Best Value!

The Segway Ninebot F30 Kick Scooter is going strong with a great price and great feature set. It has a feature set that you can rely on, including anti-puncture tyres, water-breaking non-slip tread, a resilient carbon steel frame, an LED frontlight, and an anti-lock brake system + ventilated disc brake for more stable braking. This is coupled with a high-quality lithium battery that when fully charged has a 30km range, which is easily sufficient for all short-distance travel needs. You can reach top speeds of up to 25M/H on this scooter.

Between the handle bars, you'll find an integrated display that shows all your essential riding information at a glance. There's been a big focus on making this information as clear as possible, including prominent gear settings, bold speed information, clear and colour-coded information, and a clear battery bar. This scooter has a foldable design and light weight meaning this scooter can easily be taken with you for security purposes or to be stored away. With all of the essential features and available at a low price, the Segway Ninebot F30 Kick Scooter is our top choice for those after value. 

5. Segway C20 eScooter - Best for Teens

If you're looking for an electric scooter for kids or teens, the Segway C20 eScooter is our top pick! It's been meticulously designed with younger riders in mind. This includes ergonomic considerations, a super light-weight body, a high-performance handbrake, and three ridinh modes for every teen's level!

The C20 has a maximum speed of 16km/h ensuring kids aren't travelling too fast for their safety. You can even put it on 'Safe Mode' - ideal for beginner riders to learn how to use it in a safe state. In this mode, the maximum speed limit is 10km/h. Other modes include 'Turbo Mode' and 'Cruise Mode'. This scooter is capable of travelling a max distance of 20km before it needs another charge, at which point, it'll take up to 5 hours to re-charge. 

Compact, lightweight, and not too fast, the Segway C20 eScooter is a great first scooter for young riders! Plus, it's significantly more affordable than the other scooters on this list too. The scooter can quickly and easily be folded and stored away without taking up too much space, and weighs just 10kg. 

Ahh, that was fun! With so many awesome Electric Scooters and great weather ahead to enjoy riding them in, it's going to be a great summer for sure! We hope this information helps you on your quest to find the best one for you (or that lucky someone).

Quick links below for all the in-stock models that featured in our Best Electric Scooter list, and be sure to ask our friendly staff about anything we might have missed - great questions for you are what makes lists like this one possible.

Check out all the latest Electric Scooters available now, there are great options to suit everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

There have been thousands of electric scooters purchased by New Zealanders already, and with many more people stopping into their local PB Tech store for product demonstrations too, during all these hands-on experiences we get a bunch of common questions that pop up, so below are the most popular answers to these!

How long do Electric Scooters take to charge?

It depends on model, so we'll use some specific eScooter models to give you an idea.

  • Mi 3 = 5.5 hours
  • Ninebot G30 = 6 hours
  • Mi PRO 2 = 8-9 hours

What happens if I run out of battery while out and about?

Worry not - once the battery is depleted they will still work as a regular push scooter.

What does an electric scooter cost to run?

Compared to renting a LIME scooter, the costs of operating your own are greatly reduced in the long run. If a rider is charged $1 to hire the scooter and a further 30 cents a minute, the total comes to around $18 an hour. Let's say you buy a Mi 3 model for $700 - you'd want to ride for 38 hours to reach the value vs. rental, but there is also the cost of charging to consider, so let's get super specific!

  • Mi 3 charging time is around 5 hours from the power adapter (71W) so 5 x 71 = 355WH = 0.355KWH
  • Mi PRO 2 charging time is around 9 hours, so we go with 9 x 71 = 639W = 0.639KWH

Converting to a common NZ Kwh price, we come out with this.

  • Mi 3 = 0.26 * 0.355 = $0.01 (per charge)
  • Mi PRO 2 = 0.26 * 0.639 = $0.16 (per charge)

Further math battles ensue for a per KM / total range breakdown.

  • Mi 3 (30KM) = $0.01 / 30 = $0.0033 per KM
  • Mi PRO 2 (45Km) $0.16 / 45 = $0.0035 per KM

Ah, that was fun, charging my own Electric Scooter cost less than I first thought!

Can I use my electric scooter in the rain?

It depends on how heavy the rain is and the water resistant rating on your specific scooter model. For example, an IP54 rating means the product can take a splash from any angle (great for cleaning), but it's not ready to be submerged - so watch out for big puddles and heavy rain!

What is the fastest electric scooter?

The Segway Ninebot GT2 Super Scooter has a max speed of 70km/h making it the fastest electric scooter.

What electric scooter can travel the farthest?

The Segway Ninebot GT2 Super Scooter can cover the most distance with a max range of 90km.

Do you need a drivers license for an electric scooter?

No, not for any of the options above. Right now we can operate one without a licence in NZ provided the electric scooters don't go over a 300 Watt power limit, with a few additional notes to do with wheel size and general design. If unsure the best advice is to get yours from PB Tech, all our models meet the NZ specifications for no licence required.

Do you need to wear a helmet?

No, you are not required to wear one but it's a pretty good idea. Here at PB Tech, we stock a range of popular accessories including helmets, smartphone holders, carry bags, clips and protective gear that's designed for use with electric scooters.

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