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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated August 30th, 2021
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Today we're going to look at the best electric scooter options available right now in New Zealand, with popular eScooter models from popular brands such as Xiaomi and Segway that will have you happily racing around in the hot summer months ahead! For this guide, we'll be looking at Electric Scooters specifically, highlighting which can cover the most distance, what ones are the fastest, the best options for adults/kids, and which offer the best value overall + we've added a quick Q&A at the end of our list that answers some common questions we've been asked.

Quick list! Top 3 Electric Scooters available now in NZ

  1. Segway Ninebot G30 MAX Electric Scooter
  2. Xiaomi Mi PRO 2 Electric Scooter
  3. Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter

(Our top 3 list is for Electric Scooter only, but you can check out the YouTube video at the bottom for a comparison that included Electric Scooters, GoKarts, eSkates and more!)

It's been a lot of fun testing everything out again, especially the APPS, and it's all so we can answer the big question! What is the Best Electric Scooter?

1. Segway Ninebot G30 MAX (the best of the best!)

Coming in first we have the beastly Segway Ninebot G30 MAX Electric Kick Scooter, a premium e-scooter model from Segway. The G30 is our top choice for distance - capable of travelling an AMAZING 65km on one charge.

The G30 has a top speed of 25km/h and can do a 20 degree grade hill climb. Rear wheel drive and simultaneous dual braking system, both the front-wheel mechanical drum brake and the back-wheel electric brake, provides stability and steerability.

The Regenerative Braking gives you extra energy which will be collected in the battery and distributed when you need a boost.

Updated design features, such as engine IPX7 and body IPX5 water resistance, and durability upgrades, make the KickScooter MAX G30 the perfect choice for your short distance travel or daily commute.

The built-in charger lets riders recharge it easily when on the go without having to carry along a bulky charging adapter. 3A fast charger will give a full charge in 6 hours.

The Ninebot G30 MAX is a serious eScooter with a serious price tag to match, but it does offer impressive speed, climb, range and fast charging for the price. The size and weight make it suitable for adults under 100kg.

Looking for the BEST Electric Scooter? Order your Segway Ninebot G30 MAX Electric Scooter today!

2. Mi PRO 2 Electric Scooter

The new Xiaomi Mi PRO 2 Electric Scooter is the latest from Xiaomi (pronounced like shh-ow-me). Being the newest version it boasts an incredible 45KM range (eco mode!) and a top travelling speed of 25KMPH, paired with enhanced acceleration and pushing power to help you get you up those hills.

Incredibly, even with all this added power, the Mi PRO 2 eScooter still maintains a sleek appearance and foldable design, with features that stand out including an ultra-bright headlight, double brake anti-lock system with rear brake lights too - it's awesome! The 8.5" tires have excellent shock absorption to ensure a smooth ride, and with a built-in display that can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, providing a host of additional features that you'll love, such as,

Smart Unlock: You can lock and unlock this scooter via the app, great for when you're ducking into a dairy to grab a quick drink! However, it only weighs around 14.2KG, so if someone horrible wanted to pick it up run away with it - they certainly could.

Cruise Control: Once you've activated the cruise control function, if you keep the accelerator position for 5 seconds during riding you'll hear a little 'beep' signaling that you can now release the accelerator and the electric scooter will continue along at its current speed - great for that casual cruise around the bays. Tapping either the brake or accelerator will quit cruise mode instantly, so you'll still be in complete control.

Ride Statistics: Battery info, distance travelled so far and even the temperature can be accessed via the app too - even the speed and estimated remaining travel distance before re-charge so you can use to plan a journey.

Picture of the Xiaomi Mi PRO 2 Electric Scooter APP at PB Tech

These features are accessed via the Xiaomi Home App, which is available on Android and Apple iOS.

This combination of speed, comfort and safety make the Mi PRO 2 Electric Scooter a GREAT eScooter choice available now at PB Tech NZ - a perfect ride for the summer months ahead!

The slightly larger size and great range also make this one our top pick for adults - check out the awesome new Xiaomi Mi PRO 2 Electric Scooter today!

3. Mi 3 Electric Scooter (our price/performance champion!)

The original Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter is still going strong with a cheaper price and great feature set.

It's a lightweight option compared to the model above, weighing in at just 13.2kg (vs around 14.2kg on the PRO 2) and that, combined with a slightly lower handle height, makes the classic Mi 3 Scooter a great choice for younger scooter go-ers.

The feature set is crazy good too, with anti-slip handles, LED tail-lights and headlights, shock-absorbing tyres and an eABS lock braking disc braking that's highly responsive, our tests achieving a brake distance of just over 4 meters at top speed. This is coupled with a sweet as regenerative kinetic re-charging system extending our battery life too. The allows the Mi 3 Electric Scooter to enjoy some impressive range, able to travel up to 30km on a single charge, and it's pretty fun to ride with top speeds reaching 25KMPH!

The APP functions vary a little with this model, it's still got the Cruise Control and Ride Statistics but right now, we can't see a locking option, so you might want to grab our Mi Scooter Lock accessory to keep things secure - that said, the foldable design and lighter weight means most would just take this into the diary with them.

Feature-rich and available at a low price, the Mi 3 Electric Scooter is our top choice for price/performance - completely awesome for cruising around in the coming summer holidays!

The smaller size and lower weight without comprising comfort is pretty great too. This one offers great value and performance, treat yourself to a Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter today!

Common questions about Electric Scooters

There have been thousands of electric scooters purchased by New Zealanders already, and with many more people stopping into their local PB Tech store for product demonstrations too, during all these hands-on experiences we get a bunch of common questions that pop up, so below are the most popular answers to these!

How long do Electric Scooters take to charge?

It depends on model, so let's get specific!

Mi 3 = 5.5 hours
Ninebot G30 = 6 hours
Mi PRO 2 = 8-9 hours

What happens if I run out of battery?

Worry not - once the battery is depleted they will still work as a regular push scooter.

What does an electric scooter cost to run?

Compared to renting a LIME scooter the costs of operating your own are greatly reduced, the catch is you won't just be leaving yours on the street when you're done. This is a non-issue if you're taking your planning on taking an electric scooter out for lunch then back to the office of course!

If a rider is charged $1 to hire the scooter and a further 30 cents a minute, the total comes to around $18 an hour. Let's say you buy a Mi 3 model for $700, you'd want to ride for 38 hours to reach the value vs rental, but there is also the cost of charging to consider, so let's get super specific!

Mi 3 charging time is around 5 hours from the power adapter (71W) so 5 x 71 = 355WH = 0.355KWH

Mi PRO 2 charging time is around 9 hours, so we go with 9 x 71 = 639W = 0.639KWH

Converting to a common NZ Kwh price, we come out with this.

Mi 3 = 0.26 * 0.355 = $0.01 (per charge)

Mi PRO 2 = 0.26 * 0.639 = $0.16 (per charge)

Further math battles ensue for a per KM / total range breakdown.

Mi 3 (30KM) = $0.01 / 30 = $0.0033 per KM

Mi PRO 2 (45Km) $0.16 / 45 = $0.0035 per KM

Ah, that was fun, charging my own Electric Scooter cost less than I first thought!

Can I use my electric scooter in the rain?

It depends on how heavy, the IP54 rating means the product can take a splash from any angle (great for cleaning), but it's not ready to be submerged - so watch out for big puddles and heavy rain!

What is the fastest electric scooter?

The three scooters have a top speed of 25km/h, compared with LIME scooters which are currently locked to a 15km/h maximum.

What electric scooter can travel the farthest?

The Segway Ninebot G30 MAX can cover the most distance with a max range of 65km.

Do you need a drivers license for an electric scooter?

No, not for any of the options above. Right now we can operate one without a licence in NZ provided the electric scooters don't go over a 300 Watt power limit, with a few additional notes to do with wheel size and general design. If unsure the best advice is to get yours from PB Tech, all our models meet the NZ specifications for no licence required.

Do you need to wear a helmet?

No, you are not required to wear one but it's a pretty good idea. Here at PB Tech, we stock a range of popular accessories including helmets, smartphone holders, carry bags, clips and protective gear that's designed for use with electric scooters.

Ahh, that was fun! With so many awesome Electric Scooters and great weather ahead to enjoy riding them in, it's going to be a great summer for sure! We hope this information helps you on your quest to find the best one for you (or that lucky someone).

Quick links below for all the in-stock models that featured in our Best Electric Scooter list, and be sure to ask our friendly staff about anything we might have missed - great questions for you are what makes lists like this one possible.

Check out all the latest Electric Scooters available now, there are great options to suit everyone!

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