New OMEN RTX 2080 i9 Laptop Unboxing + Quick Look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 3rd, 2019
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We've got our hands on the latest OMEN 17 Laptop which packs an extremely powerful RTX 2080 + Intel 9th Gen i9-9880H combo inside. 

It's an excellent example of a price/performance focused design, done right. The FHD display is 144Hz IPS, able to keep up with all the frames this beast can push out. The keyboard is solid red LED, sticking like glue to OMEN theme while providing that important ability to maintain keystroke accuracy while gaming in low light, right through the night.

Subtle updates to the OMEN chassis from the previous-gen give us a cleaner, more refined look, with a brushed metallic finish replacing the previous carbon fibre back panels. It's still very lightweight for the size though, coming in just under 3KG even with the powered-up specs.

Having specifications like these means you'll be able to play pretty much anything you want using the laptop, and enjoy having all the graphics turned up to max. Looking at Apex Legends specifically, the 8GB graphics inside will allow you to select the most demanding options in the menu just like you can on a powerful RTX 2080 desktop system.

The power pack for this latest gaming laptop is equally awesome, capable of putting out 330 watts so you can enjoy everything this OMEN 17 has to offer. Basically, OMEN have created a laptop, with gaming-desktop like performance, and it's amazing!
Check out our video unboxing for the OMEN 17 RTX 2080 Laptop below and be sure to keep your eyes on PB Tech Tips & News for the latest and we'll be continuing this with a deep dive into this awesome new series from OMEN! 


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