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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - July 19th, 2019
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GPS has revolutionised navigation, a lot of us use this amazing technology while driving via apps on our phones. But any time you divert your eyes from the road, you are putting yourself and others in danger... A way to mitigate this risk is to mount your phone at eye level, this way you can get navigation instructions while still having an eye on what's in front of you.

But with so many different types of cars, and so many different smartphone car kits out there, which one is right for you?

To help narrow down the range we've grabbed some of the most popular phone car mount kit options found on the PB Tech website and taken a closer look at the fitting and features for each - seeing how each clips in, sucks on, and connects to your car, so you can enjoy using Google Maps while driving :)

You can check out the various types of car kits in our YouTube video hands-on review below, and shop the full range of phone car mounts available today!

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