How to use Google Assistant with WiFi Plugs

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 14th, 2019
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Did you know there is a quick and easy way to turn on/off a power plug? You could use this for a bedside lamp, fan or even a heater - and better still you could do it with your voice using Google Assistant - and that means you could do this from your couch, or while on the way home so it's toasty warm when you arrive!

By using a smart plug, and a little setup via the free apps, we'll be able to say "Hey Google, turn on the lounge heater", and it'll pop itself on. You can, of course, also say "turn off the lounge heater" should you find yourself wondering if you remembered to do that while rushing to get to work :)

You can also set all your usual timers inside the app, so you want it to turn on automatically in the morning before you wake up, that's no problem.

There are so many great ways to use WiFi plugs, check out the latest products in Home Appliances today.

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