Corsair HYDRO X Custom Loops and Water Cooling

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 12th, 2019
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Computex is an absolutely massive technology expo that takes place in Taipei around June each year, it's often compared to E3 and CES due to its size, but the focus is all about PC, with component creating masters from around the world creating incredible, one-of-a-kind systems to showcase what they are working towards for future product releases.

Much of what you'll see within the main hall at Computex is technology without a budget, cutting edge gear being showcased in a sea of prototypes, not concepts though, it's important to note this stuff actually works, but generally speaking, it isn't quite ready for mass manufacture yet. Top tech brands also use this as an opportunity to show off, inviting the very best in case modders to attend, bending glass like magicians and often showcasing the very best hardware within their custom systems.

We're very excited here at PB Tech for the opportunity to check in with all the brands and people we work with to create our custom Gaming PC, Laptop and PC Parts ranges - and that brings us to Corsair!

This year Corsair surprised everyone by unveiling the most glorious custom water cooling range, complete with CPU blocks, GPU blockspumps, reservoirs, radiators, fittings and tubing.

They call the new series HYDRO X, and with it we'll be able to create beautiful custom loops to cool our rigs even during the most intense gaming sessions.  Check out the video below to see all new Corsair custom water cooling gear in action, blazing benchmarks as Hans takes us through the finer points that make this new custom water cooling series so exciting.

The Hydro X Series has been meticulously designed to work best alongside the massive range of Corsair chassis and cooling components, fully integrated with Corsair iCUE software for automated fan and pump speed control and complete lighting customization. We'll be able to cool any modern desktop CPU using the lineup of XC7 and XC9 RGB water blocks, which feature a nickel-plated copper cold plate, more than 70 high-efficiency micro-cooling fins, and pre-applied thermal material ensure powerful cooling performance, with 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs and a transparent flow chamber to show off your style.

The XG7 RGB range of graphics card water blocks fit a wide variety of popular graphics cards, including the new RTX series. XG7 blocks are total conversion solutions designed to completely augment the looks and performance of the graphics card, with an included full-length aluminium backplate and integrated RGB lighting. Pre-applied thermal material and thermal pads make installation quick and easy.

The XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo delivers a strong flow for your loop thanks to its D5 pump, with a 330ml reservoir and an integrated fill port. Ten top-mounted RGB LEDs light up the reservoir and an included sensor that gives us real-time coolant temperatures from inside the loop.

For those looking to upgrade specific parts within a current custom loop system, you'll be happy to know the Hydro X Series is designed to fit perfectly in a wide range of cases, and thanks to standard G1/4” fittings, is compatible with the vast majority of existing custom cooling parts available today.

The Hydro X Series is not just about pushing performance but also opening the world of custom PC cooling to more enthusiasts than ever before. Building a custom cooling system has long been considered a project for only the most dedicated builders. With pre-applied thermal material and thermal pads, easy-to-follow video installation tutorials and more in the works.

Another really cool thing (pun intended!) that Corsair have done is added all these new parts into a configurator tool, you start out by telling the tool what chassis, motherboard and graphics card you have and the tool will take you on an interactive journey through all the HYDRO X components you'll need to custom loop your system - taking care of all the compatibility checking along the way.

You can try the Corsair HYDRO X tool here, and be sure to keep your eyes on the massive Corsair Store at PB Tech for all the latest gear! 

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