ONEPLUS 7 Smartohones - Available Now

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 24th, 2019
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The OnePlus 7 Pro (Global Versions) are available for order now at PB Tech, Dual Sim ready and working with Vodafone, Spark or 2Degrees NZ sim cards!

The OnePlus 7 Pro, is a seriously fast smartphone even by today's extreme standards, combined with an absolutely gorgeous display to enjoy all that seamless speed on. That display is actually the worlds first 90HZ 1440p AMOLED screen, making anything you're looking at a sight to behold, with vivid colours and brightness contrasted by deep blacks that OLED makes possible - and being a OnePlus product you can, of course, customise a mass of settings to make it suit you, or what you're doing at that exact time, perfectly, and it's completed unobstructed thanks to some clever engineering on the front-facing camera - this latest version has an under-screen fingerprint scanner too, for easy access :)

Now when they say it's fast they're really not kidding. The reason it's so fast is pretty straightforward too, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC Processor is the best you can get, this has been further enhanced by a 10-layer liquid cooling system. Speakers have been upgraded with new haptic feedback motors making this One Plus absolutely wonderful while gaming, like having a dual-shock controller with a screen on it.

It's not just about having the best hardware though, one of the things that make OnePlus phones good is the OS they use, it's named OxygenOS and this one is based on Google Android 9. By making the device render what’s on the screen and nothing more, OnePlus saves processing power usually wasted on background images hidden behind search bars and invisible menus, load times are shorter than ever and this allows us to get more out of every minute, and more minutes use out of every charge. The talented technicians have continued to enhance the OnePlus experience through new navigation gestures, providing intuitive options that make it easier than ever to access all of our favourite apps, return home, open them again, and heaps more. Importantly, this navigation is not only intuitive, fluid, and clean but frees up space on the home screen.

On the back we find impressive cameras, giving us 48 MP to capture with clarity. Again we get to enjoy hassle-free optical image stabilisation, keeping the shake out of our photos, and easy to use depth of field effect for capturing professional shots. A series of smart software algorithms are ready to optimise our photos the moment they’re taken, adjusting brightness and highlighting details to make it all look very professional, and thanks to a new ultra wide angle lens, the OnePlus 7 Pro is perfect for capturing sweeping landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas.

If it's video you want you'll be happy to know it can capture at a tasty 4K 60FPS, or if you prefer, it also features a super slow-mo mode capable of capturing 240FPS at 1080p, and it's powerful enough for editing software should you want to trim videos, manually add in some slow motion, reverse loop effects, or filters.

Here at PB we're proud to have been the home of OnePlus since wayyy back in 2014 when they released the now iconic OnePlus 1 (got invites?) all the way up to this new, incredibly impressive, OnePlus 7!

Is this the phone you've been waiting for? Check out all the latest in the OnePlus Store today!

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