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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 24th, 2019
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Computex is an absolutely massive technology expo that takes place in Taipei around June each year, it's often compared to E3 and CES due to its size, but the focus is all about PC, with component creating masters from ASUS, AMD, Intel, Gigabyte AORUS, Cooler Master, NZXT, G.Skill, HyperX and MSi (+ many many more) creating incredible, one-of-a-kind systems to showcase what they are working towards for future product releases.

Want to have a go in a mechanical 360-degree rotating spaceship simulator? Yep, they had that at a Computex. Feeling the need to try out new full-body VR tracking in shooters, boxing or a spot of fishing? Yeah, I did that at a Computex too. Would you like to be amongst the first to try out something I can't even describe because no-one has ever done it before? Computex 2019 is where you should go.

Much of what you'll see within the main hall at Computex is technology without a budget, cutting edge gear being showcased in a sea of prototypes, not concepts though, it's important to note this stuff actually works, but generally speaking, it isn't quite ready for mass manufacture yet.

Top tech brands also use this as an opportunity to show off, inviting the very best in case modders to attend, bending glass like magicians and often breaking world performance records, as the EVGA and G.Skill teams do just about every year. There are competitions ongoing all the time, both casual walk up and play, and the hardcore invite-only kind which you can spectate at your leisure.

We're very excited here at PB Tech for the opportunity to check in with all the brands and people we work with to create our custom Gaming PC, Laptop and PC Parts ranges - with a few surprise bargains often popping up in the factory halls in which manufacturers showcase things we can get right away!

Computex kicked itself off today with a big presentation from the AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, and it was extremely impressive stuff!

Technology enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Taipei, with expectations for the much anticipated 3rd Gen Ryzen, X570 series Motherboards, and the new Navi too - it turned out to be all that and so much more!

It started out with observations on the component market, it's complications and strengths, with Microsoft joining AMD on the stage, it swayed through security, cloud and even consoles with an underlining theme of collaboration and cooperation. Then a massive range of new modern devices was shown from partners Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Samsung - all with Ryzen integrated into their laptops at every price point, power level and size.

Joe Hsieh from Asus joined Lisa on the stage next, and the presentation that followed unveiled a host of existing AMD feature focused products (monitors included) then jumped right into the new X570 series Asus motherboard range. I'm pretty sure I misheard the next bit, but if I heard right the new X570 mobo range is set to feature 30 different designs, with some beautiful showings from the Prime and ROG series stealing my attention.

Next, Jerry Kao from Acer took to the stage and joined in on the fun, talking about the popular Predator Helios 500 Laptop then jumping straight into details about the Acer Nitro 5 with Ryzen inside, finishing up with more on the Acer/AMD range which includes both Ryzen processors and Radeon RX graphics, thin laptops for education, Chromebooks and other mainstream business machines. This concluded with a surprise mention of Acer machines using Navi!

At this point it became all about AMD again, with a little discussion about the first and second gen for Ryzen, and how AMD really wanted to improve it going forward with the new 7nm Zen 2 core(s) and the worlds first PCIe 4.0 PC platform. This part of the event got very detailed, with the specification shown below.

- 3rd Gen Ryzen 3700X
- 8 Core / 16 Thread
- 3.6GHz Base / 4.4GHz Boost
- 32 MB Total Cache
- 65W TDP

The fun continued with a straight up comparison of the incoming Ryzen 7 3700X to the Intel i7-9700K in a Cinebench (for those that want to know the performance in a 3D rendering) with the Intel scoring 3726 and the Ryzen scoring 4806. The presentation rolled on, with more AMD Ryzen CPU models and details being revealed much to the enjoyment of an excited crowd.

With the opening keynote event now over, we made our way towards the Computex 2019 main hall in Nangang, stopping first to visit the Cooler Master stand at which we were treated to what can only be described as the best range of components at the show, covering everything from the latest in Watercooling, Power Supplies and PC Cases, right through Gaming Keyboards, Mice and Headsets with full setups designed for those wanting to work or play. Joined by Josh from the CM the team we dived into a guided tour of what's just about the release, and what CM has in development right now!

We made our way to the absolutely massive ASUS booth next, actually, this is best described as two booths with one focused purely on ROG Gaming with another covering even more ASUS technology including Prime series components, graphic design monitors and they even had educational ROBOTS!

To say that Asus had a good time at Computex 2019 would be a bit of an understatement, they ended up taking away 17 new awards in total, including six for best choice, and even the coveted Computex D&I Golden award!

Led by Jack from Asus, we took a tour around everything from custom PC chassis to the latest WiFi 6 networking options - which mesh together to create the ultimate home wireless solution!

This included the Computex 2019 D&I Award winner RT-AX95Q, a tri-band Wi-Fi router and the first ASUS mesh router to fully support the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, providing up to a 6,600Mbps concurrent data rate - twice the speed than normal 802.11ac 4+2+2 mesh routers. Featuring OFDMA technology to improve spectral efficiency and MU-MIMO technology for downlink transmission, it's compatible with the older AC stuff as well and the new AX, so we can easily use ASUS AiMesh and enjoy stable, seamless and secure wireless networking while recycling our existing tech.

We reached the MSi booth and it was SOOO POPULAR! Crowds were overflowing to get hands-on with all the new gear, watch presentions from graphic designers and video producers, and score some adorable MSi Dragon plushes :)

It's pretty safe to say that most know MSi for their top-rated Gaming Laptop range. With the massive crowds gathering in the RTX Gaming Laptop zones being so loud even our wireless microphones struggled to capture our conversation with Ivy from MSi who was our brilliant guide through all the latest models - showing off the impressive new cooling within, and just how thin and flexible this new range really is!

MSi doesn't just do gaming though, so we stepped into the professional zone to check out the new workstation models coming for content creation catching our eyes. These use the powerful Nvidia Quadro graphics inside making them ideal for video work, what was so surprising though was how lightweight these new editing laptops were... oh how times have changed!

Feeling great and loaded up with giveaway loot we set out to see the public main event hall and headed straight upstairs to level 4 to see out friends at ASrock who had an awesome booth setup which was absolutely dominated by motherboards in all shapes, socket types and sizes. Meeting up with Ray who excitedly showed us a limited edition, numbered version of the Aqua X570 series motherboard which was absolutely beautiful.

We left ASrock arms full of bonus goodness yet again, it was time to catch up with everything Corsair, who, because they're always busy designing cutting edge tech, always have a great range to show off at a Computex event. By this stage, we had been talking to so many people though and my voice was failing me... Lucky for us Hans the Corsair product manager for the new Hydro X series was on hand and willing to take the lead, guiding us through the massive new range of custom water cooling gear they announced at the Computex 2019 event!

Next we visited Gigabyte Aorus and check out the latest. Gigabyte had a special VIP area for us to explore and we were lucky to be able to meet a relatively new member of the crew named Alex, who was happy to spend some time with us and chat about all the new goodness on display. Those in the esports community might think that Alex looks quite familiar and you'd be right - he's the one that built that insanely good Intel Skull Custom Casemod which was on display at the IEM Sydney 2019 event.

With gaming on our mind, we headed onwards to visit the team at Hyper X! Just a few years back, Hyper X was most well-known for their excellent Gaming PC RAM kits, but this all changed when they released the Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset which skyrocketed to become one of, if not the, top-selling PC gaming headset in the world (seriously, read those reviews!).

During the booth tour, Ping from Hyper X took us through the range of gaming gears available, covering the just-released models as he made his way towards something new - the Hyper X Orbit S... This soon to be available, top-tier gaming headset, has the ability to position sound aligned with movements of a players head and it's utterly incredible, the advantage this gives you by being able to accurately track sounds in game is staggering, well ahead of any surround sound headsets we've tried previously.

Completely blown away by this one - Hyper X nailed it with the new Orbit S Gaming Headset and we're excited to be able to bring these into a PB Tech store near you as soon as possible so be sure to keep your eyes on the Hyper X Store at PB Tech for the latest!

Happily back in New Zealand now, we're busy getting all the goodies we received together for a massive giveaway spree on PB Tech Facebook :) So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest!

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