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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated October 31st, 2023
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In a world increasingly obsessed with health and staying fit, there are a lot of tech products that can help assist in meeting our fitness goals.

Taking the time to find the best products for your fitness journey is a worthy investment of your energy, and you’ll see it come back to you in better results and increased motivation. However, if you are feeling a bit lost on what might be the best fitness products, don’t stress as we have compiled a list of our favourite products for delivering an awesome fitness focussed setup.

Our top picks will include key fitness tech products you need to ensure you can get the most out of your daily workouts while keeping a close eye on your health!

Use a smartwatch to track your calls, steps, heart rate, exercise and more!

We're kicking off our list with a must for any fitness enthusiast, a fitness tracker or smartwatch. Either option is a solid and reliable pick for monitoring all things related to your health.

Now your immediate question is probably, 'What's the difference between the two, and which one suits me best?' There is quite a bit of overlap between them, so it's hard to place a line exactly where you pass from fitness tracker to smartwatch territory. 

In general, though, fitness trackers are solely focussed on health tracking. They'll record your heart rate, track your workouts, and monitor your sleep, along with a host of other health and daily activity monitoring. Fitness trackers are great options for those on a budget, as they are often more affordable than smartwatches.

Smartwatches are more advanced, offering the ability to receive incoming calls, texts, emails, and other notifications, often even allowing you to reply from the watch itself. Expect a lot more advanced functionality. The latest Apple Watches are capable of anything from tracking your golf shots, all the way to alerting your emergency contacts if you've fallen down the stairs.

The key thing is to ensure whatever you pick works great for you. More fitness trackers and smartwatches are introducing advanced features such as ECG, which can let you know if your heart goes into Atrial Fibrillation. This isn't important for most but can be vital to others. Check out our Top Fitness Trackers to discover the right one for you.

Track your progress with a Smart Scale

So you have grabbed an awesome smartwatch or fitness tracker to help keep track of your daily steps, heartbeat, sleep quality and heaps of other statistics, but what if you want to accurately measure your progress? Whether it’s towards weight loss, healthier BMI or reduced body fat, you can easily monitor it all with the a Smart Scale.

Smart Scales are so much more than just a simple weighing scale and can be useful devices to accompany you on your fitness journey. Smart scales often can check your muscle mass, BMI, body fat, water content, basal metabolism, visceral fat, and bone mass, – so you can easily monitor any changes to your body over time.

This is handy, as a health journey isn't always about weight loss or even weight gain. Keeping an eye on your body fat can be a far better metric for measuring your progress. The other features offered by most smart scales give you a well-rounded understanding of your body.

Music anytime, anywhere!

We know that if you love doing exercise and getting active, you probably enjoy listening to music during your workouts or sports to keep you motivated. It can be extremely annoying when your earphones constantly fall out of your ear while walking, running, playing sports or just doing regular exercise, however, PB has a range of headphones tailored specifically for sports and fitness

A picture of someone using the JBL Endurance Sprint Sweatproof Wireless In-Ear Sport Headphones.
A picture of someone using the Shokz OpenRun Pro Premium Bone Conduction Open-Ear Sport Headphones.

It's important that whatever headphones you pick are capable of keeping up with whatever activities you're expecting from them. If you're an avid runner, something lightweight and open-ear like the Shokz OpenRun Pro are a great option. If you need to get in the zone at a noisy commercial gym, something with noise-cancelling capabilities may be just what you need! If you're a runner, check out our Best In Wireless Running Headphones. Otherwise, check out our Headphones Buying Guide for some other recommendations.

Recover quicker with a massage gun!

As you embark upon your fitness journey, it's important that you don't neglect recovery. It can feel a bit tedious at times to ensure you're stretching and keeping your muscles oxygenated, to make this process less time-consuming, consider a massage gun. Massage guns work by rapidly punching your skin, breaking up the fascia and increasing blood flow. They can be really helpful for recovery! We recently explored the benefits of this with an in-depth look at Therabody!

A picture of a man using a massage gun in a weights room.
A picture of a woman using a Therabody Theragun massage device.

If you are looking for more affordable massage gun and therapy device options, Beurer is a fantastic choice. They have two affordable massage guns on offer, as well as some other health devices. Beurer offers some great devices if you're looking at getting into the world of massagers and therapy devices without breaking the bank, or even if you just want to test the waters.

Check out our Battle of The Massage Guns and our Best Muscle Recovery Tools

Monitor your blood pressure with ease

So, you've bought yourself a swarth of health & fitness gear that will help monitor, motivate and improve your daily workouts and lifestyle. To keep a closer eye on your blood pressure consider a Blood Pressure Monitor, which will help protect yourself and your family with regular checks on your blood pressure and heart rate.

A great option is the Omron HEM7361T Blood Pressure Monitor With a hypertension indicator, cuff wrapping guide, enhanced IntelliSense technology, and much more, this blood pressure monitor is equipped with all the features you need for fast, easy and accurate tracking and readings, which will all be presented clearly on the large display. With the ability to average out your last 3 readings, you can easily monitor and view any changes in your blood pressure or heart rate. This blood pressure monitor can be paired via Bluetooth to your smartphone through the OMRON App - allowing users to have full control while clearly being able to view readings and a large backlog of results.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron Blood Pressure Monitor in case

Use the monitor for both yourself and another person with the 2 user memory function. Each user can store and review the last 100 readings with a touch of a button on the monitor and when using the OMRON connect App each user must use their own personal smart device to sync their individual readings so they can always keep track and not lose any data. 

Give your health and fitness gear the upgrade it deserves with these amazing products at PB Tech that can help boost your motivation with accurate health-related stats and lets you exercise or do sports in comfort. Check out the full range of health & fitness at PB Tech for all your fitness journey tech!

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