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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated July 29th, 2019
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In a world increasingly obsessed with health and staying fit, there are a lot of tech products that can help assist in meeting our fitness goals.

Taking the time to find the best products for your fitness journey is a worthy investment of your energy, and you’ll see it come back to you in better results and increased motivation. However, if you are feeling a bit lost on what might be the best fitness products, don’t stress as we have compiled a sweet bundle of our favourite products for delivering an awesome fitness gear setup.

Our top picks will include key fitness tech products you need to ensure you can get the most out of your daily workouts while keeping a close eye on your health – plus you can grab this package at a discounted price right now at PB Tech!

For those of you who don’t know, Xiaomi (Mi) is the world’s fourth most valuable technology company that not only focuses on tech products like smartphones & headphones but also products for health, lifestyle & fitness.

Do you have some health and fitness goals you want to hit? Xiaomi has your back with their range of health and fitness products that will help you keep track of things, and reach those goals. Aside from each products individual features, the great thing about Xiaomi fitness products is that they’re high quality, affordable, and not only work with the Mi Home app, but also have a dedicated app called the Mi Fit app (available on Android & iOS) which will let you get the most out of these products.

Use the Mi Band 4 to Track Your Calls, Steps, Heart Rate, Exercise and more!

To kick off PB’s super boosting fitness bundle we have a must for any fitness enthusiast, the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker, which proves to be a solid and reliable pick for monitoring all things related to your health.

The new Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet features a large 0.95-inch OLED touchscreen that is 39.9% larger and brighter than ever before and fits the width of your wrist snug, bringing a pleasant and comfortable feeling of wearing while you exercise, do sports or go for a walk. The Mi Band 4 tracks activity in real-time so whether you’re running, biking, or walking, you can always check your heart-rate and speed on the go – just lift your wrist to view the data or easily view all past stats on the Mi Fit App.

5 ATM water-resistant up to 50m means you can wear it fearlessly while showering, swimming or surfing – plus simply track data during these activities to get a better insight into your exercise regime. The new Mi Band 4 can even recognise 5 different swim styles and record 12 data sets including swimming pace and stroke count. To help you keep on top of your activity, you can easily set goal reminders that you can work to achieve throughout the day – never forget or lose track of your daily exercise goals again. Bluetooth connectivity allows notification displays and incoming calls to appear on the Mi Band 4, so you can stay productive and keep doing what you want without pulling your phone out.

Additionally, the Mi Band 4 will also track your usual daily routine activities. Using Mi’s upgraded step count algorithm, you’ll get an accurate count of your daily steps, along with monitored heart rate and sleep quality stats. Once you have this sort of data readily available to you at just a glance, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your attitude will change, as you begin to make more efforts to improve your step count and sleep quality. Not only do you get fitness and health monitoring, but you might also find that the visibility of it is the extra push and self-motivation you need to keep going further.

When used in conjunction with the Mi Fit app, all of your data and statistics are automatically saved to the app, so you can view your progress at any time and see what areas you need to improve on! The band is exceptional for fitness tracking through a sports mode in the Mi Fit App, which can accompany whatever sports you are doing and provide accurate data and stats.

Track your progress with the Xiaomi Smart Body Composition Scale 2

So you have grabbed an amazing Mi Band 4 to help keep track of your daily steps, heartbeat, sleep quality and heaps of other statistics, but what if you want to accurately measure your progress. Whether it’s towards weight loss, healthier BMI or reduced body fat, you can easily monitor it all with the Mi Smart Body Composition Scale 2.

The slim Mi Smart Scale is so much more than just a simple weighing scale and can be a useful device to accompany you on your fitness journey. This smart scale measures not just body weight, but also muscle mass, BMI, body fat, water content, basal metabolism, visceral fat, and bone mass, and saves these stats straight to the Mi Fit app (once you’ve connected it) – so you can easily monitor any changes to your body over time.

50g precision built into the G-shaped sensor allows you to measure even the smallest weight changes to your body. Being able to store up to 16 user profiles lets every family member track their own progress and fitness levels, so you can help encourage and motivate a healthier household.

While the display is only set up to display your weight, connecting to the Mi Fit app will let you see the rest of your composition data, which is then automatically saved here each time you weigh yourself! The next time you weigh in, do it with the sleek Mi Body Composition Scale, and see just how much of that weight gain/loss is fat, water, and muscle and get an accurate depiction of your progress.

Having all these weight-related stats from the Mi Body Composition Scale readily available at a glance on the Mi Fit app, alongside the other daily steps, heart rate and sleep quality stats produced from your Mi Band 4, will help provide all the information you need to analyse your fitness progress and improve your body health!

Music anytime, anywhere!

We know that if you love doing exercise and getting active, you probably enjoy listening to music during your workouts or sports to keep you motivated. It can be extremely annoying when your earphones constantly fall out of your ear while walking, running, playing sports or just doing regular exercise, however the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Sports Headphones accommodate for this and feature a comfortable ear hook design to ensure a secure fit in your ear during strenuous exercise – plus enjoy a compatible ecosystem with all your other Mi devices in this fitness-boosting bundle!

With the wet months approaching, don’t let the rainy weather stop you from getting out and exercising with your music, the Mi In-Ear Headphones feature IPX4 waterproof and sweat proofing, so you can keep your exercise routine going regardless of the weather and sweat. Running with cabled earphones can be really annoying and uncomfortable, ditch the cables and embrace the freedom of wireless with Bluetooth compatibility and 7 hours of battery life on a full charge.

Sound quality can be a huge problem with many earphones, which is not ideal when you may be doing exercise in noisy or busy areas. However, for the Mi Sports In-Ear Headphones that is not a problem, as they deliver an undistorted sound with a metal composite diaphragm that enables sounds effects to be more stable and lets you experience clearer music with an effective level of sound isolation. These sporty Mi headphones are also great for making calls with HD talking and one-button click to answer – making them an awesome option for the office or home too.

The Mi In-Ear Sports Headphones are lightweight at just 17.8g and the portable design will let you carry it around anywhere. With five different sized pairs of silicone earbud tips, users can find the right fit for their own convenience – delivering an excellent music experience and comfort every time you put them on. At a great price within this health and fitness bundle, these headphones make a great addition to assist in your daily fitness routine.

Monitor your blood pressure with ease

So, you have got a pretty sweet bundle of modern Mi health & fitness gear that will help monitor, motivate and improve your daily workouts and lifestyle. To help round out this incredible package, we have included the intelligent Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, which will help protect yourself and your family with regular checks on your blood pressure and heart rate.

With a hypertension indicator, cuff wrapping guide and enhanced IntelliSense technology, this blood pressure monitor is equipped with all the features you need for fast, easy and accurate trackings and readings, which will all be presented clearly on the large display. With the ability to average out your last 3 readings, you can easily monitor and view any changes your blood pressure or heart rate. This blood pressure monitor can be paired via Bluetooth to your smartphone through the OMRON App - allowing users to have full control while clearly being able to view readings and a large backlog of results.

Use the monitor for both yourself and another person with the 2 user memory function. Each user can store and review the last 100 readings with a touch of a button on the monitor and when using the OMRON connect App each user must use their own personal smart device to sync their individual readings so they can always keep track and not lose any data. This blood pressure monitor has some sweet reviews from other users, such as verified owner Edwin R. who has said, “Simple to operate and to pair with my phone and the free app is actually well made. I like that it calculates the average of the last three readings as well as storing the raw readings. The cuff is well designed and fits comfortably."

Give your health and fitness gear the upgrade it deserves with these amazing products at PB Tech that can help boost your motivation with accurate health-related stats and lets you exercise or do sports in comfort.

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