Galaxy S10 S10+ & S10e - hands on review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 14th, 2019
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The Samsung S10 has proven itself to be a very popular Smartphone indeed, and with three versions available now there's sure to be a great one for you! The PB Tech team has karted over to Holey Moley mini golf to test out the new Samsung s10 range for ourselves, getting hands-on with each S10 model out for our video review.

The three new smartphones in the Galaxy S10 range are named the S10, S10+ and S10e, all have beautiful screens, expandable storage via a MicroSD card slot and a headphone jack should you need it, but there are some really neat features like the ability to charge other devices using the Qi wireless charging tech inside.

The S10 and S10+ have the most in common, with the plus being a bit larger in the hand. Both have the same processor, fast-charging /wireless charging features, same storage and RAM options, screen resolution and both have three cameras on the back along with a nice large battery capacity too.

Looking at differences (apart from the size) the S10 has a single camera on the front, while the S10+ lets us enjoy twin front-facing cameras to enable some beautiful bokeh effects. That front camera position on all models is pretty clever too, instead of notching the top they've tucked it up in the corner and there are even some brilliant wallpaper options that incorporate this into their layout (My favourite is the Death Star)

The S10e has a smaller form factor, the resolution goes down from the 1440p seen in the larger models to a still respectable 1080p, but as the screen is physically smaller anyway - it's not as much of a noticeable difference as I first thought.

Check out all the good info in the video below, and see all the latest in the massive Samsung Store today!

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