Intel 9th Gen Laptops with i7-9750H available now!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 14th, 2019
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Laptop makers MSi and ASUS have just released their new range of designs which feature the new 9th Gen Intel CPUs inside. This first wave of 9th Gen is comprised entirely of high-performance laptops, thanks to these powerful new processor options being combined with the latest Nvidia RTX and GTX 16XX series graphics cards - and they're the fastest laptops available today. We'll look closely at the core count, thread count, base clock and Turboboost 2.0 stats (this is the maximum single-core frequency in GHz), touching a little on the RAM supported and a few other specifics about overclocking.

This is going to get a bit technical, so feel free to jump down to the bottom if you just want to see all the latest laptops that feature Intel 9th Gen inside!

Looking specifically at the new CPU options in the 9th Gen Intel Laptop lineup we can see why you'd want one, they're all popping above the 4GHz mark (one of the i9's can hit 5GHz!) thanks to Turboboost 2.0 technology providing that boost to speed when needed.

Intel Core i9-9880HK is the new flagship, with 8 Cores and 16 Threads of processing power. The "HK" identifier (as opposed to the standalone "H" on all others) signifies that the CPU is unlocked too, allowing for overclockers to go for those benchmark world records should they want to. That said the Turboboost 2.0 @ 5GHz will likely be more than enough for the power user that has this incredible component within their laptop.

The Intel Core i9-9880H is the more common version, well, if you can call an 8 core 16 thread laptop processor with 2.3GHz base and 4.8GHz Turboboost common... It features the same 16MB cache as it's big brother above and promises to provide top-teir performance to those with the need for something this impressively powerful.

Next up is the Intel Core i9-9850H, and it's got a base clock set a 2.6GHz (that's right, higher than the i9 above) with 6 cores and 12 threads. This one is partially unlocked, but with a limit set a 5GHz max for this. The standard Turboboost 2.0 will take you up to 4.6GHz which is pretty darn high anyways!

The Intel Core i7-9750H is the one you can expect to see a lot of, a 6 core 12 thread processor with a base at 2.6GHz and Turboboost up to 4.5GHz. This looks to the goto processor for most the latest laptop releases and has been paired with everything from the latest GTX 1660 graphics all the way to might RTX 2080.

Stepping into the new i5 range we have our first new option in the Intel Core i5-9400H, and this 4 core 8 thread CPU has an impressive base clock at 2.5GHz with Turboboost powering up to 4.3GHz this CPU might not look as crazy fast as the options above, but remember that the most popular model from the 8th range is the i7-8750H which Turboboosts to 4.1!

Rounding off the current lineup we have the Intel Core i5-9300H, with 4 cores and 8 threads yet again, but slightly lower clocks at 2.4GHz base and Turboboost to a respectable 4.1GHz.

Both the i9's have smartcache of 16mb, the i7's are at 12mb (previous gen was 9mb), and the i5 at 8mb. Much like the 8th gen, these new 9th gen versions have dual channel RAM support listed at 2666MHz DDR4 spec, with the max memory bandwidth remaining unchanged (that's the maximum rate at which data can be read from or stored into a semiconductor memory by the processor) and is listed at 41.8 GB/s.

Woah that got a bit techy, didn't it! The numbers sure are wonderful looking though, and if you're looking for the Intel 9th Gen CPU when you're looking for the fastest laptop you'll certainly be on the right path.

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