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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated September 8th, 2020
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A lot of us just gained a whole lot of experience in working from home, and now we better understand the challenges that come with creating a live-able and productive workspace, and how important this space actually is for work life happiness.

While it’s easy to plunk yourself down wherever and call it an office, curating the space you work from is vital to your self-motivation and happiness. Taking the time to find the right setup and products for your home office is a worthy investment of your energy, and you’ll see it come back to you in boosted productivity. However, if you are feeling a bit lost on what might be the best products for your home office, don’t stress as we have discussed and debated to bring you the top-rated favourites.

Our top picks will cover the key components you need for a solid home office setup and will be based on performance and price - and as you read down the page we've included the some popular options in each category that are available right now.

To kick off our super home office setup we have the exceptionally good Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Tablet, which proves to be a solid and reliable pick for completing day-to-day tasks. The innovative Surface Pro 8 transforming design can easily adjust to your working style with the improved built-in kickstand to go from laptop to tablet to portable studio - emails, drawing artwork with the Surface Pen or creating spreadsheets, this versatile device delivers a unique experience that adapts to each user.

Surface as a touch tablet
It works as a powerful touch tablet
Surface with a stylus
You can use it with a pen too, for more precision
Surface Pro in Laptop Mode
The Surface can be used as a traditional laptop too

The Surface Pro 8 provides smooth performance that you can depend on for all your daily office tasks, featuring an Intel 11th Gen Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage. The front and rear cameras support 1080p HD video quality, making it perfect for users who may have a lot of video conferencing - plus effortlessly unlock your device with Windows Hello IR facial-recognition technology.

For users who are on the go or who don’t want to buy a mouse + keyboard, the Surface Pro keyboard provides a slim, magnetic cover that operates like a full, traditional keyboard. Featuring LED backlighting and optimal key spacing will provide users with a fluid typing experience and makes this keyboard cover great to use anywhere – plus with the large glass trackpad, you can enjoy precise control and navigation.

Surface with keyboard folio
Made from premium materials, it's built to last
Surface in stock room
A versatile design makes it usable in many places

This ultra-slim and light device is a great pick for any home office, whether you are creating content with the Microsoft Office Suite or designing media with the amazing Surface Pen, you can easily rely on this device and stay productive. With up to 13.5 hours of battery life with a single charge, users can easily take this portable device to any business meeting or work trip and stay productive in or out of your home office.

Home or away with an easy connect dock

If you grab one of the versatile Surface Pro 7 Tablets for your new home office setup, you may find yourself struggling to plug in all your peripherals, media devices and displays.

With the Microsoft Surface Dock, you'll have all the ports you need with two high-definition video ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, high-speed USB ports, and an audio output - you've got all the connections you need to create a sleek desktop setup, so you can do your best work.

The Surface Dock instantly transforms your ultra-portable Surface Pro 7 into a desktop working environment and can help boost your productivity, simply plug in the Surface Connect cable and you can charge your device while having access to external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, printer and more.

You can connect to a whole setup in moments with a dock
Picture of graphic designer using tablet mode
The dock makes it easy to attach and detach your device

The Surface Dock features fast operating technology, which enables high-speed transfer of video, audio and data over a single cable, keeping your desk clutter-free. The Gigabit Ethernet port is ideal for home office users who may require a stronger wired connection for HD conference calls and uploading large files.

A single wide monitor for even less cable clutter

The latest generation of wide screen monitors makes them as good, if not better, that most multi monitor setups.

Providing a truly immersive viewing experience,  wide screen monitors with a deep curve to span your vision, allowing you to focus deeper into your content while still enjoying more screen space - keeping you productive and able to multitask effectively.

With models that feature USB-C direct connectivity, they are made to be combined with powerful new laptops, such as the Surface. 

Because ultra wide monitors are so large, they're perfect for viewing multiple tabs and that can help enhance productivity. With that USB Type-C port, you can conveniently allow 4K video display, data transfer and laptop/mobile device charging, all at the same time over a single cable – helping you to reduce cord clutter and increase efficiency.

Picture of a USB type-C port on a monitor
Some ultra wide monitor has USB-C docking built-in
Picture showing picture in picture on an LG monitor
Using special functions, like Picture in Picture, you can see even more

With the pixel area being about 1.8 times larger than a FHD 21:9 monitor. The quality it delivers is great, with deep blacks, vibrant whites, and richer colours for a true to life viewing experience - there are options great for photographers, producers and other creative professionals that require a larger, clearer display.

Don’t just take our word on how great this monitor is for improving your viewing experience and productivity while working in your home office; verified owner Dave has reviewed the LG 34” Ultra Wide monitor and said, “I love it I’m a technology consultant and I do a lot of tuition so the big screen is absolutely awesome far better than having two individual screens.”

A good keyboard now, is better for you later

Even though you might have a keyboard and trackpad cover for your new Surface Pro 7, we know that when working long hours and aiming to be productive in a home office, having an ergonomic mouse and keyboard is very important for providing ultimate comfort.

The Microsoft Sculpt Curved Wireless Keyboard is designed for end-users who will spend a lot of time with their hands on a keyboard, investing in this ergonomically designed keyboard will pay out great dividends in comfort and improved productivity. 

The keyboard features a unique natural angled design with a curved key bed, ergonomic arc and reversed slope, which allows users to type in total comfort and encourages wrist and arm alignment so you can work without any muscle strain for hours – plus with a plush palm rest, you can easily rest your hands while you stay productive.

Something we love as much as the keyboard is the included wireless Numpad. The detached form factor is truly excellent and it makes working with large spreadsheets and numbers such a great experience.

The ergonomic shape is unique and highly acclaimed
Picture showing hands on a curved keyboard
It takes only a moment to get used to

Customisable hotkeys allow users to perform common tasks like opening documents and replying to emails, with the simple touch of a button. This highly rated keyboard is essential for so many office users; verified owner Sabine has said “I absolutely love this keyboard (can't stand the mouse though so would love an option to buy without the mouse as it will just become landfill)” but sadly there is not, we'll call it a 'spare mouse' for now though.

And that brings us to the next part of our ultimate home office setup!

More comfort with an advanced mouse

The premium Logitech MX Master mouse 3 is a great pick for home office users that want to be efficient with their work with some advanced features and a stunning design - delivering exceptional comfort, control, precision and customisation.

One of the most appealing features of this mouse is the hand-sculpted design that will support your hand and wrist in a comfortable, natural position. Experience fine-motion control and fluid experience with well-positioned buttons and wheels, so you can work in comfort all day, knowing your hand will never cramp up when browsing, drawing or running any other programmes.

Picture of wireless mouse with USB charging and scroll whee
Wireless connectivity is great, and you can always plug in if needed
Picture of wireless mouse ergonomics
An extremely comfortable design that flows with the hand

The wireless MX Master Mouse 3 is equipped with an accurate 4000 DPI precision sensor that tracks on virtually any surface, even glass - plus a full charge will give you 70 days of use! This 5-star mouse has some amazing reviews from other users, like verified owner Bhavik who has said “After using the mouse for a couple of days, I can see why it has great reviews. Its adaptions to specific applications to using Logitech Flow, by now you already know most of the features. This has a lot of features and a lot of people reviewing this, so do check it out.”

Fulfil all your printing, scan and copy needs

Now that we have grabbed some great peripherals to make using the work laptop much easier and more comfortable, our productive home office setup is almost complete!

Many workers, designers and other users may require a printer that can print, copy, fax and scan documents, and that’s why we have picked a multi-fuction inkjet for our home office upgrade recommendation.

A good printer, like one from the HP OfficeJet Pro range, can provide high-quality print, copy, scan and fax functionality at your fingertips, there is nothing the Brother Inkjet can’t help you within your home office.

With wireless connectivity, the printer can easily be linked up with your Surface Pro 7 or other devices, so you can easily share files and print in an instant.

Picture of an HP printer on a workbench
With wireless features you can put you printer anywhere
Printer printing a colour chart
The HP OfficeJet Pro series has models ideal for the office at home

Many people are reluctant to purchases inket printers for their homes over the more common office laser option as they are concerned about the high cost of ink cartridges; however, the quantity of prints required to fully consume a laser toner cartridge might just be too much for one person to do.

If you require a printer for everyday tasks, then the less expensive Inkjet can easily and quickly take care of all your printing and office needs - plus the cartridges provide great value. 

In position with Sit/Standing Office Desk

So, we now have heaps of amazing tech goodies for your new home office, but we can’t just set up these products on the floor or on any basic desk. To help boost productivity and keep your health in tip-top shape while working, the Loctek Honey Oak Height Adjustable Office Desk provides a versatile desk solution to help keep users active.

The ergonomic Loctek standing desk series can provide all of these amazing benefits to your working lifestyle and with a dual-motor system with anti collision functions – you can sit or stand in seconds. This can easily fit all your new office setup and is designed with durable and strong materials, so you don’t have to worry about having a wobbly, distracting desk.

A Loctek desk setup
Standing desks are fantastic for the home office
Moving from sitting desk position to standing desk
The desk height adjustment is quick, easy and quiet

Standing desks have become an increasingly popular solution to counter the detrimental effects of sitting too much while gaining a healthier work lifestyle, and benefitting from a potential increase in work performance and productivity. Feeling a bit bloated after a heavy lunch or dinner – just stand and work for an hour or two and you will be feeling much more productive and energised.

Choosing to stand for a few hours a day while working can help improve blood circulation, relieve neck or back pain, help burn calories, prevent cardiovascular disease and support better posture. 

Give your home office the upgrade it deserves with these amazing products that can enhance your productivity while letting you work in comfort for hours - and be sure to keep your eyes on Hardwired for the latest tips.

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