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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - February 1st, 2019
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Why buy a desktop PC when you can turn your laptop into one? If you want all the functions of a PC with the convenience of a laptop, the innovative Kensington Docking Stations can quickly and easily turn your laptop into a feature-packed desktop. Many of the Kensington Docking Stations have universal compatibility with a wide range of laptop brands/models and some even work seamlessly across all operating systems, so you can simply plug and play any device! Whether you use your device for home or business, Kensington offers a great range of docking stations that can enhance your productivity by allowing the quick transformation of your laptop into a desktop working environment.

Here at PB Tech we offer the best range of Kensington Docking Stations and will now bring you an informative guide on our favourites. Whether you are looking for a business oriented, mobile compatible or universal everyday docking station, we have the perfect Kensington model for you!Kensington Home Docking Stations

Kensington Home Docking Stations

Having a powerful laptop is great, but if you ever think, “Man, I wish I could enjoy a desktop experience with a more spacious keyboard and a bigger monitor without buying a whole new desktop PC”, then a Kensington home docking station is definitely the solution for you.

Being our most popular home option, the Kensington SD3500V docking station works best with a range of USB 3.0 Laptops, Ultrabooks, Tablets & 2K Monitors and supports both Windows® and Mac OS®. This device is the perfect tool to transform your laptop into a full-blown workstation with a single cable plug that turns one USB port into six, so you can have access to all your peripherals, including mouse, keyboard, speakers, printer and external hard drive. Additionally, the dual HD video output lets you add two external monitors to further boost productivity, enjoy gaming and indulge in entertainment. The docking station also features two USB 3.0 ports that support super-speed data transfer of up to 5 Gbps.

If you have many USB Type-C devices, then a universal Kensington model like the SD4600P or SD4700P would be a great pick. These two devices work best with either USB-C or USB 3.0 Laptops & Ultrabooks, but can support a massive range of devices

The Kensington SD4600P additionally supports Chrome® OS and comes with three USB 3.1 ports and one USB-C port, so you can always have support for any device. If you are looking for an immersive viewing experience, then look no further as the SD4600P fully supports 4K dual monitors, so you can game and stream 4K videos in a completely new way compared to a small laptop screen (provided your laptop can support 4K gaming). The docking station also features simple plug & play installation without the need for drivers or downloads, which makes it smoother to set up.

The Kensington SD4700P is a more advanced docking station that can extend the productivity capabilities of today’s thin laptops, and features a whopping six USB ports (five USB 3.0 ports & one USB-C port), combo headphone & microphone jack and support for 2K dual monitors. This makes the SD4700P an amazing pick for home users that want complete support for all their favourite peripherals and other devices, without constantly plugging and unplugging them.

Additionally, both of these devices have a Gigabit Ethernet port and power delivery, so you can have a fast and reliable connection while your devices can retain their battery juice. Zero Footprint Mounting allows these docking stations to be neatly attached to the back of any compatible external display, allowing you to keep your desktop less cluttered. The Kensington home docking stations makes a great pick for everyday home use and can transform how you entertain, game and work at home, for an affordable price compared to buying a whole new home PC!Kensington Mobile Docking Stations

Kensington Mobile Docking Stations

Uniquely designed for on-the-go users and business travellers, the Kensington mobile docking stations provide a compact solution that you can easily take everywhere for a full desktop productivity experience. Whether you are away on business, giving a presentation with a projector or even just hot desking day-to-day, a Kensington mobile docking station is ideal for professionals in need of a desktop environment.

PB Tech’s favourite Kensington docking stations for travelling professionals are the SD1500 and SD1600P. These two universal devices operate efficiently for highly mobile USB-C or USB 3.0 Laptops & Ultrabooks, support a large range of monitors & projectors up to 4K and is compatible with Windows®, Mac OS® and Chrome® OS.

The Kensington SD1500 comes with one USB 3.0 port and a hideaway USB-C cable that can be plugged directly into the port of your laptop and the industrial design allows the cable to be easily stowed into the dock when not in use, providing better mobility when you’re on the go.

Whether in a temporary workspace or a conference room, the SD1600P keeps users productive and powered up with pass-through charging for accessories, which eliminates the need for an additional power adapter and provides a tidy setup. This docking station can also function as a built in charging hub for all your low-power mobile devices, so no more hassle with carrying travel adapters and untangling messy wires. Universal compatibility with three USB ports (two USB 3.0 ports & one USB-C port) allows you to connect with confidence with all your favourite devices, so you can simply plug & play. A hideaway USB-C cable provides you with an extended, flexible length (20.5cm), so you can always plug all your devices no matter where you set up.

Additionally, both of these devices have a fast 1Gbps Gigabit Ethernet port that provides a reliable connection and is even universally compatible with Thunderbolt 3, so you can always stay connected. The Kensington mobile docking stations are some-what of a necessity for travelling professionals and is designed to be a small, easy to carry device that still packs-a-punch through providing the strength of a desktop PC wherever you are, plus it doesn’t break the bank!Kensington Docking Stations for Business

Kensington Docking Stations for Business

Kensington have specially designed docking stations for business end-users that can provide more speed, more power and limitless productivity, but with a price premium! Whether you’re a video editor, graphic designer, content creator or just a normal business worker, the Kensington business docks are a power user’s solution for hyper-productivity.

Being our most popular business choice at PB, the Kensington SD5200T docking station is compatible with Windows® and Mac OS® laptops and can support 4K or 5K for dual monitors, which makes this the perfect pick for creative professionals and designers looking for a larger viewing experience that still supports the crisp resolution, contrast and colour depth of Ultra HD. Thunderbolt 3 Technology allows a single port to provide up to 40Gbps of data speed and connectivity to Thunderbolt-enabled devices, billions of USB devices and UHD displays, all while supplying power. This allows you to have simple cable management through one powerful all-in-one port and daisy chaining allows up to five Thunderbolt 3 devices to be connected from one port, without performance loss. The docking station also features one USB-C port with power delivery, two USB 3.0 ports for your peripherals and a stable Gigabit Ethernet port. The SD5200T is a great all-round business model that can provide an unbelievable desktop experience and drive productivity levels up.

For Apple only users, the Kensington SD5000T docking station provides a superior solution for connecting all your Mac devices. Featuring Thunderbolt 3 technology that can allow you to a transfer a 4K movie in less than 30 seconds and connect two 4K displays for a brilliant viewing experience, ideal for creative professionals and all while supplying power. The similar design to the SD5200T, grants the SD5000T to provide a solid and reliable performance that Apple users can enjoy.

Compared to the other two models highlighted, the Kensington SD3600 is a much cheaper alternative and is specially designed for Windows® only. The docking station operates best with USB 3.0 Laptops, Ultrabooks and Windows Tablets and features an extraordinary six USB ports (two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0), so you can have ultimate connectivity with your devices. The SD3600 can support 1080p HD dual monitors and makes a great pick for Windows only business users that want a cheaper option but still get a fast connectivity with multi-ports.

Additionally, these three devices all have Zero Footprint Mounting, which can reduce cable clutter and expand workspace productivity, so you can be in the right mind-set for every day of work. The Kensington Security Slot™ can protect your data and technology in a busy work environment, so you can be stress free when you take that lunch break. The Kensington business docking stations can unlock your laptops potential to a completely new level of productivity, so you can always be on top of your work!Kensington Docking Station Accessories

Kensington Docking Station Accessories

Kensington offers a great range of accessories to complement your docking stations including mounting plates, combination locks and keyed locks.

The Kensington 33959 VESA-compatible mounting plate delivers a perfect solution for users with limited desktop space. It allows you to mount the dock to the back of your VESA-compatible monitor and has special slots that let you adjust the placement of the dock to your preferred location. For a very affordable price, this product is a great complement to your docking station, so don’t let limited desktop space restrict your productivity levels!

The Kensington 64697 and 64673 combination locks provide the ultimate security for your laptop that are easy to use and a solid investment for users on the go or working with a lot of individuals. The strong lock heads have been tested against the most rigorous standards and with a cut-resistant cable, you can ensure that nobody breaches into your privacy. With 4-number combination lock, you never have to about carrying keys again. So, why not grab a Kensington combination lock and be stress free!

The Kensington 64615 Keyed Lock is great for not only locking your desktop, but also multiple peripherals and other devices all with a 2.44m cable. The cut-resistant carbon cable is everything you need to secure a desktop computer, two peripherals and a wired keyboard and mouse, so you can have a tidy desktop with simple security solution. Hidden Pin™ technology ensures tubular locks cannot be picked offering the highest level of security and online key code Register & Retrieve™ allows for replacements in case you lose your key. Grab this great Kensington accessory and never worry about your peripherals mysteriously disappearing again!

Wow, we have already made it through so many great Kensington Docking Stations and Accessories! Kensington offers amazing universal docking solutions to boost productivity at home, work or anywhere you go. The unique design each model has caters to every users needs, whether it’s for everyday home use, creative professionals, business use, mobile travellers or gamers, PB Tech has the perfect Kensington Docking Station for you!

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