New LG Rollable TV

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - January 9th, 2019
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Turn it on and a massive 65" TV rolls itself upwards, rather majestically, reaching its full height in just a few seconds - ready to watch. Turn it off and the screen quietly rolls back into the coffee table, the whole process is incredible to behold and you definitely feel like you're seeing the future.

We first saw some of LG's fancy new roll-up TV at last years CES event, and it was pretty darn impressive back then too, sort of like a projector's screen in the way that it rolled itself up into its casing - theirs didn't use a projector of course, LG techs had created a flexible screen and it was beautiful even in this early stage of development.

Flash forward a year to the CES 2019 event on right now and LG is busy showing off a refined version that will (apparently) be available around midway through this year! They're calling it the OLED TV R, and it's going to be a part of their signature series

When off, the TV looks like a sleek little coffee table, with a cloth panel on the front.

When on, you've got a 65" OLED TV and that little cloth panel conceals an impressive Dolby sound system too!

Amazing! Pricing is still be confirmed (we asked, they couldn't say) but the PB team will be heading back for another go with it tomorrow so be sure to let us know if you have any questions and keep your eyes on the LG Store at PB Tech for the latest!

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