New HTC Vive Cosmos and Vive PRO EYE VR

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - January 8th, 2019
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HTC has made a couple of cool announcements at CES! 

The first is named the Vive Cosmos, which we knew was coming thanks to them trademarking the name back in November :) Judging by a very very brief appearance on YouTube, it's not an upgrade to their current king of VR, the HTC Vive PRO, instead, taking on the mainstream, lower-cost options much like Mixed Reality but in a premium way.

It does not require external sensors like the Vive PRO and uses motion controllers, it's got that nifty flip-up display we liked from the HP Mixed Reality headsets too. Designed for convenient VR with absolute comfort in mind it can be used with either your home PC or smartphone. What makes this one so appealing is the option to conxnect to a computer wirelessly, but this is also something the existing HTC Vive headset supports (again, with a special adaptor). 

For those after more of the high-end VR goodness, we're excited to see a new version of the Vive PRO has also been announced! This new Vive PRO EYE comes with built-in eye tracking, and with that comes the promise of higher-quality VR experiences thanks to a new ability to render sharp images wherever you're looking in the virtual world!

It can be a tough feature to really see the need for at first, but if you've already got the Vive PRO and your playing a racing game, looking at the side mirror without moving your head a little would have an image that isn't as crisp as if you turned your head and looked right at it - this could sort that out, along with similar situations in space simulator Elite Dangerous and the mass of starship controls that have us turning our heads left to right as we activate modules and scream past giant gas giants.

It also opens up a whole host of nifty options to allow menu navigation, virtual keyboards and selections to be made with your eyes, rather than whole head position - neat!

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