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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 18th, 2018
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This is a continuation of our Easy PC Upgrades series, and today we'll be taking a closer look at what's involved with upgrading the RAM in a laptop.

For this RAM upgrade example, we'll be using the popular HP OMEN Gaming Laptop which comes with 16GB of RAM pre-fitted. We'll be replacing this kit with a Crucial 2x16GB Laptop RAM Kit for a total of 32GB RAM once installed.

Now some of you might be saying, you have 16GB already! Why upgrade? And gaming wise you'd probably be right. An upgrade like this is mainly for editing videos, currently when we go over our RAM limits the Windows 10 OS smartly starts leveraging temporary storage for the information via our SSD or HDD, which is great as it still lets us do stuff, but these two forms of storage and incredibly slow when compared to RAM, even the SSD just can't compete!

We understand that many people don't have a workshop, so once again I'll be doing this on a plain kitchen bench with some white paper on top. You can generally upgrade quite safely by first touching a grounded object (I touched the jug in the kitchen) but if you're worried about static you can buy special anti-static bracelets here, these clip onto the device you're working on and are quite handy if you have to leave and come back thanks to the little dome clip on the wrist.

Power off your laptop
Undo the screws on the back

We begin but first powering off the laptop, and turning it upside down. Locate each of the screw holes and remove them (There are a total of eight on this 15" HP Omen).

Pay attention to where each screw goes
Lift the bottom plate off

Pay attention to where each screw comes from, as these can be different lengths as you can see above the ones on the back are quite long! Once removed the bottom plate will lift upwards with a little resistance (I used a guitar pick to quickly raise the edges), and now we have access to all the good stuff inside!

The RAM slots are hidden under a flap
Remove the flap to reveal the RAM installed

As shown above, the RAM slots are actually hidden under a little flap - but you can peel this off to reveal the RAM currently installed in the system, mine is currently running a 1x16GB RAM stick and while I could mixmatch my RAM as we did in the previous article, we're going to jump forward this time and install a full replacement kit.

Locate the clamp on the side of the ram stick
Push these out to the side to release your RAM

See the little clamps on the side of the ram sticks in the image above? Push these out to the side to release your RAM, it will pop up slightly to around a 30-degree angle once you unfasten these and once that happens you can give the RAM a pull and it will slide out.

Insert the new RAM kit into the slots
Push the ram down and the latch will fasten

Now that both sticks are removed, we can insert the new RAM kit into the slots - following the same 30-degree angle path. Push it in until you see the little indent on the RAM align with the latch. Now push the ram down and the latch will automatically fasten in place - brilliant!

Check your new memory is correct
Enjoy the benefits of having more RAM

You've done it! Screw back on the bottom cover and plug your upgraded laptop back in - power up are your new RAM will start working automatically - you can check this by pressing start and typing "DXDIAG" to get the little window shown above, but no special settings or configuration is required!

We hope this guide helps those wanting to try and upgrade for themselves, be sure to keep your eyes on Hardwired News for more easy guides, reviews and top tech tips!

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