Canon EOS R Camera - Unboxing

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 22nd, 2018
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Canon first described the letters EOS as meaning ‘Electro-Optical System’, referencing to the term EOS back in the late 1980s when they produced their first auto-focus SLR camera.

All EOS camera’s made right through to today, still work with the lenses built back then. And that brings us to something new and awesome, EOS R - which thanks to the adaptors continues to support the legacy systems, while still providing something new and exciting to camera lovers.

Canon's new addition to the EOS System, the new EOS R Camera, features this entirely new lens mount, designed for optical excellence today and incredible potential for the future.

The EOS R camera is designed and engineered to work seamlessly with RF lenses, it maintains complete compatibility with EF and EF-S lenses by using one of three optional Mount Adapters. When using EF-S lenses, the EOS R even crops automatically to reflect the APS-C sized sensor the lenses are designed for.

Performance-wise, versatility is key with the EOS R; a 30.3 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 8 Image Processor deliver stellar low-light performance, even in dark situations. Focus can be attained with incredible speed and accuracy thanks to Canon's proprietary Dual Pixel CMOS AF system and this system also captures smooth 4K video that's easy to share and can be enhanced in post-production thanks to the included Canon Log.

The built-in, high-precision EVF and a Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD make it easy to adapt to different shooting situations. In daylight or in the dark, in the studio or on the street, the EOS R's lightweight, intuitive and durable design lends to getting those gorgeous results we all crave.

Ideal for capturing everything from landscapes or wildlife, wedding portraits or dance performances, the EOS R is an advanced and impressive imaging tool that's primed to deliver the stunning photos and videos that photographers, moviemakers and any visual storytellers need to make their stories fly.

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