Razer Blade Laptops - Available now in NZ!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated May 2nd, 2019
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The award-winning Razer Blade Laptop is now available at PB Tech!

With a range of models to choose from, deciding which one to get is going to be tricky indeed. All of them look utterly fantastic, with top-notch performance and exclusive Razer features that have deservedly made the Razer Blade one of the most sought-after laptop designs in the world.

With Razer Blade RTX, GTX, MX and Intel integrated options now available we'll quickly cover the differences between them to make it easy to understand which is best for you.

Starting with the 13.3" Razer Blade Stealth series, these ultra-thin models fit the ultrabook class of laptop with incredible battery life and fast performance without the bulk. Weighing no more than 1.35 kg, the Razer Blade Stealth is the perfect lightweight companion, wherever you choose to go - and there is even a Special Edition Razer Blade Stealth in Pink!

Although extremely slim, most models of the Razer Stealth Series pack in 4GB dedicated Nvidia GeForce MX Graphics ideal for playing games like League of Legends - this slim laptop has another trick up its sleeve - it has a Thunderbolt 3 port!

This Thunderbolt 3 port can be used to attach a dedicated graphics card via an external GPU enclosure - and with one of these, you can add pretty much any Desktop Graphics Card - turning your super slim laptop into a mighty gaming beast!

How about the Razer Blade with a GTX graphics card built in? For that, you're going to want Blade 15 series, which they now call the Razer Base :)

At just 0.66" thin, this Razer Gaming Laptop is now even more compact, but fully packed with features for incredible performance. Plus, with a larger 15.6" displays the go all the way up to a blazing 144Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy gaming and streaming on a very fast, vibrant screen.

For those hunting for the biggest, most powerful versions, check out the incredible Razer Blade Advanced 15 with RTX graphics inside!

The Razer Blade Advanced Gaming Laptop series sets a new standard for desktop replacement laptops delivering an immersive experience in an incredibly thin form factor. Equipped the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics and a few neat extras, such as per-key Chroma RGB, the Razer Advanced is the best of the best!

Pretty awesome stuff, but it gets better! This is just a small slice from our massive range of Gaming Laptops available today in NZ, we'll continue to update with all the latest models and accessories as they arrive!

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