9th Gen Intel & Z390 Motherboards

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated January 1st, 2019
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UPDATE: Check out the latest 9th Gen Intel i7-9700KF and more!

It's pretty exciting times here at PB Tech with stock for both the new Z390 Motherboards and 9th Generation Intel CPU having just landed in NZ!

These new i5-9600K, i7-9700K and i9-9900K combined with the new RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Cards means we now have all the components needed to create some of the most powerful Gaming PC in the world!

We've already begun loading all the new parts into our Custom Gaming PC Building Tool if you'd like to design a new system for yourself.

Looking specifically at the new 9th Gen Intel range we find they are compatible with a massive range of motherboard options, and are not exclusively bound to the latest Z390 chipset - so those running with motherboard models from the previous gen 300 series (like the Z370) can still upgrade with either the i5-9600K,  i7-9700K and also the i9-9900K - but remember to check your exact model and do the latest BIOS updates before you buy and install that new 9th gen CPU!

Z390 motherboard wise a majority of the new models have already landed at PB Tech ahead of the CPU, and amongst the range options from Asus, Gigabyte Aorus and ASrock all look pretty gorgeous - you can use our filter options on the left to sort by chipset as shown below if you only want to see the latest.

Use filters to show Z390 motherboards at PB Tech

Below you'll find quick links to the new Intel 9th Gen CPU, Z390 Motherboards and blazing fast Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards - we've just started building the latest series of Gaming PC featuring this hardware too so keep your eyes on Tips & News at PB Tech for the latest!

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