Ultimate Storage for Editors - 2Big Lacie DAS

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - October 10th, 2018
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Those talented techs at Lacie have just created the ultimate storage solution for photographers, video producers, or anyone working with large files that also needs really fast storage.

What makes the LaCie 2Big Dock Thunderbolt 3 so perfect for video and photos though is the inclusion of memory card readers on the front of the 2BIG drives. Both the Compact Flash and SD format card readers are placed conveniently on the front of the Lacie 2Big dock - simplifying the process of connecting the devices we use to capture our footage. It's an all-in-one dock system, connecting via a single Thunderbolt 3 connection to your desktop PC or laptop.

Right now the LaCie 2Big Dock with Thunderbolt 3 is the only device we've seen that provides a solution like this for content creators, and with its feature set being very large storage, fast Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, flexible RAID options (RAID 0 is faster, combining both drives into one, RAID 1 duplicates the content providing an instant backup ) and that versatile Compact Flash/SD/USB dock combo it really is both exceptional and unique. That Thunderbolt 3 connectivity also works with modern USB Type C computers making the kit even more flexible.

The 2Big Docks work with both Windows 10 and Apple Mac systems, but it does come pre-configured for Mac users in the HFS+ file system running in RAID 0 mode. There are four different storage capacities available now, so you can grab it in 8TB, 16TB or the massive 20TB to suit!

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