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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated February 21st, 2020
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What is the best smart fitness watch? An excellent question and perfectly timed too because today we are looking at some of the best fitness trackers & smartwatches available right now. We've got pretty much everything covered in this one with models suitable for everyone from casual golf strollers, all the way to endurance swimmers -  so take a quick break (or jog on the spot) as we make our way through the top fitness trackers and smartwatches for 2020!

Fitness Wearables 

It has been a solid few years for Xiaomi, both internationally and in New Zealand specifically with the dedicated Mi Store in Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. Along with that milestone came a partnership with PB Tech and we now happily stock the full range of Mi NZ products in our very own Mi Store.

Amongst this range is a couple of really well-priced smart fitness tracking wearables - with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker currently sitting as the best selling product in the category!

#1 Mi Band 4 & Amazfit Bip

The Mi Band 4 has a range of features that make it unbeatable at this price, with a 50m waterproof design, you can wear it when you are swimming and showering or just splashing around without worry. The screen is no larger, so it's easier to read the caller notifications or messages without having to reach for your phone. Most importantly, Mi Band 3 helps you record all your activities in the day, calculate the distance you walk and calories burned, take care of your health, monitor your sleep, remind you to have a rest and track your steps, mileage and calories for high-quality fitness reporting.

Amazfit might not be a brand you recognise but they have tonnes of experience in this market and have been making fitness trackers for a while now so you can trust them to deliver a fantastic wearable. This tracker is often confused as a smartwatch due to the number of notifications it receives from your phone, but doesn’t give you the ability to reply from your wrist like smartwatches and doesn’t have apps on your wrist.

What Amazfit does have is GPS tracking, a tonne of sensors, sleep and sports racking, a super useful always-on display and they still managed to fit in a record-breaking 30-day battery life. You can even get 45 days with minimal notifications, that’s incredible. It looks really good and has an IP68 rating, which is the highest dust and water-resistant rating in this standard, on par with the latest phones from Samsung and other brands.

Check out the Mi Band and Amazfit Bip in the Mi Store at PB Tech today!

#2 Huawei Active GT 2, Band 4 & More!

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Sports Edition looks utterly awesome and pushes the limits of battery life, it has all the fitness features needed to make it into a list like this, but is also a pretty darn great everyday life assistant with all the calling, messaging and notification features we look for in a smart wearable. Thanks to their self-developed wearable chip Kirin A1, the dual-chip design and intelligent power-saving technology, it serves you day and night for up to 2 weeks. The design integrates a high-quality 3D glass face to create the bezel-less vision, with fine craftsmanship that is captured in the details of the watch case and its classic style. It has a standard watch strap fitting so you can replace the strap to a different style with a large number of options available on the market.

For those looking for a more fitness-centric option, the Huawei Band 4 is also a top choice that offered incredible value. Looking specifically at the Huawei Band 4 Pro version it has a very unique feature too - built-in GPS - this provides accurate and fast positioning services without needing to being tethered to a smartphone and later, if you want to see your route on the map, you can connect at a time that's convenient for you.

Check out the latest in the Huawei Store at PB Tech.

Fitbit is still the world leader in wearables and is the iconic fitness tracker brand, with that comes their wealth of experience and skills. The Charge 2 comes packed with features like heart rate monitoring, daily activity tracking, automatic sleep tracking, multi-sport tracking, exercise recognition, guided breathing sessions, reminders to move and can sync all this data wirelessly to the app on your smartphone.

These features have been added and improved over the various models in the range since 2009. The GPS tracking system requires a connection to your phone as it uses the GPS data from your phone, it does this to save on costs and to avoid wearing down the trackers' battery. This cool fitness tracker pulls off 5 days on one charge so no need to charge every day like your phone or laptop. You can even swap the straps for a different colour or theme.

Check out the various colours available on our FitBit Store at PB Tech.

#4 Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has been a leader in wearables for a while thanks to their range of fitness trackers and smartwatches, using their expertise in smart devices to help craft their amazing wearables. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the latest in their range of dedicated fitness trackers and this is understandably the best one yet.

Don’t worry about running in the rain as this tracker comes with 5ATM protection with 50m water resistance, so now you can use it to track your swimming as well as other water-based sports without you worrying about having your tracker destroyed.

There is 4GB of storage built-in so you can store up to 500 songs on Spotify and pair it to your wireless headphones for music on the go without dragging your phone along with you. GPS tracking allows you to track your routes and give you positional data to add some depth to your workout-tracking, this also gives you peace of mind knowing you can locate your lost device or loved ones can locate you if you get lost. 

Check out the latest in the Samsung Wearables Store at PB Tech

Very Smart Watches with Fitness Features

Apple is back again with the latest in wearable tech with the latest iteration of the popular Apple Watch. The new model features an always-On Retina display, you always see the time and your watch face. The curved corners on the screen, heart rate monitor, long battery life and loudspeakers all remain making their latest smartwatch rather wonderful!

It monitors your heart throughout the day and alerts you of any concerns, regardless of if you may have recognised the symptoms. With improved sensors, it can now detect that you’ve fallen and notify you, if you are unresponsive for 60 seconds it automatically places an emergency call and notifies your emergency contacts, it then displays your Medical ID badge on the screen for emergency personnel, Apple really is pushing for the safety of its users. It has the same water-resistant certification as the Samsung Galaxy Watch making the Apple Watch Series 5 is a good upgrade on Series 4 and is an impressive device.

Check out the Apple Watch Series 5 from our Apple Watch store at PB Tech

#6 Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung has a great smartwatch for Android users, coming in a range of colours and the straps are replaceable so you can find a different strap to suit you and the occasion. Up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge is really impressive for a smartwatch.

It can track up to 40 different exercises so you can track anything from running to strength workouts to rowing and even swimming, the heart rate monitoring, as well as the built-in GPS tracking, add depth to reviewing your workouts and all this info syncs seamlessly to Samsung Health across all your devices.

With Samsung Pay you can make purchases directly from your wrist without the need to bring your phone or wallet, you can even order an Uber… Featuring the same 5ATM water resistance as the Samsung Active 2 and the Apple Watch Series 5 above, you can go swimming or even shower with it, just don’t go scuba diving or water-skiing with it on.

Check out the latest in the Samsung Wearables Store at PB Tech

#7 Apple Watch Series 3

Last year’s Apple Watch is still a really great watch and still has a bunch of super useful features. Both have the latest software, sure the newer one is a bit fast, thinner, louder, has a better heart rate monitor, a better screen and fall detection but the Series 3 and 4 still have a lot of great features. If you have an iPhone then an Apple Watch is the logical next accessory for you, if the price point of the Series 4 models puts you off or you are not sure whether a smartwatch is for you then start with the Series 3, it’s still a great watch and the price is a lot less, still available in a large range of options online or in-store.

Check out the Apple Watch Series 3 & 4 in our Apple Watch store.

These fitness trackers and smart watches are just the best from a massive range of wearable Fitness Tech, but there are many ways you can help yourself to stay fit, check out the range of Cycle Desks, Smart Scales and Wireless Earphones available now!

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