Samsung Galaxy TAB S4 and TAB A 10.5" at PB Tech

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - August 31st, 2018
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The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is available for order now at PB Tech, and with its Android 8.1 OS, Mobile Data options and S Pen it brings a new level of versatility, productivity and intuitiveness - in one ultimate multitasking machine!

Adapted to your busy life at home and on the go, the refined Galaxy Tab S4 is your ultimate entertainment and multitasking assistant.

The included, multifunctional S Pen, brings numerous productivity tools along with it. Now we can write down new ideas that come to mind, use Live Message to create animated handwritten notes in conversations, and even translate words and phrases with a swipe of the S Pen's Translate function.

Galaxy Tab S4 provides an expansive viewing area for such a compact device. The 10.5” 1600x2560 screen was made possible from minimized bezels and no top logo or home button. And an improved 16:10 ratio sAMOLED display delivers a more immersive viewing experience when watching your favourite content :) This entertainment factor is further enhanced with the use of quad-speakers, tuned by AKG, which deliver true-to-life sound. Now you can experience auto rotate stereo output, mastered by the experts at AKG. And Dolby Atmos contributes moving audio technology, enabling 3D surround sound with an added overhead dimension that brings the screen to life.

And with a battery capacity of 7,300mAh we can now enjoy up to 16 hours of video playback, so watching our favourite shows or a whole season is possible. And if your battery does run out, bring it to a full charge in just 200 minutes with fast charging!

When using your tab for business, access is now both quick and secure thanks to the Galaxy Tab S4 now including iris scanning in addition to face recognition technology. A quick scan of your face or eyes is all that is needed to unlock your device.

Protect private files and apps with defense-grade encryption security using bio-authentication together with Secure Folder. The defence-grade security platform known as 'Samsung Knox' is built from the chip up, starting up the instant you turn on your tablet. Multiple layers of real-time security put your data in a secure folder that only you can open, and keep your work and personal things separate.

The main difference between the two Tab S4 models is the rear camera quality and the ability to have cellular connectivity (4G).

Impressive stuff from Samsung yet again!

But they haven't stopped there, releasing today is another excellent tablet that focuses on value - the new Samsung Galaxy TAB A2 10.5 has also launched in NZ today!

The TAB A2 10.5 could easily be considered the S4’s counterpart, stripped down with no S Pen included or fancy security iris scanner and instead focusing on delivering excellent hardware, at a great price :) It sports a 10.5-inch 1,920x1,200 screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, making it great for both movies and gaming. Audio is impressive via the four front-firing speakers with support for Dolby Atmos like its big brother. There are two cameras, a 5MP front-facing one and second, higher quality rear-facing camera at 8MP.

The main difference between the two A2 models is the ability to have cellular connectivity (4G).

Looking at the internals we find a very respectable Snapdragon 450 processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage (some of which is used by the Android OS of course) but this extendable via a handy little microSD card slot :)

The battery is a massive 7,300mAh yet again - exactly the same as the new Galaxy Tab S4 above! When not in use you can even have it display a low power draw feature that shows photos, calendar, or a clock - great stuff!

Check out the latest Samsung Galaxy TAB S4 & the new TAB A 10.5" Tablets and Accessories in the Samsung Store PB Tech today.

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