Best Cameras for Vloggers

Kai Ping Lew By Kai Ping Lew - updated January 3rd, 2022
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Types of Cameras for Vlogging

Shopping for a new camera? Stuck inside and want to document your daily thoughts to share with the world wide web? Busy exploring new things and want to share your adventures with others? Or maybe you’ve perfected your make-up artistry and want to share it with the universe! Vlogging has become a full-time job for some and a fun hobby for others because who doesn’t love filming themselves? Whether you’re climbing an epic mountain or cooking up a feast in the kitchen, here we round up some of the top vlogging cameras models and types.

Firstly there are three types of cameras to be aware of: Compact (point-and-shoot), DSLRMirrorless.

Features to consider

Some important qualities to be looking for in your vlogging camera are:

Weight of camera

You don’t want to be lugging a huge camera around on your bike adventure do you, whereas it wouldn't really matter much if you’re set up at home, only you will know what's best for you

Video quality

So you can capture high quality, professional looking footage

Optical image stabilisation (OIS)

Arguably the most important, you don’t want the fans to feel sea-sick watching a shakey blurry vlog of you

Internal microphone / Microphone input

To pick up your dulcet tones or hilarious one-liners

Weather-resistant body

If you’re planning on doing extreme vlogs when out and about

WiFi features

So your footage can go directly to your smartphone and allow for instant upload

Digital 180 Degree Swivel Display/Viewfinder

To ensure you’re capturing what you want to capture

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II – quality vlog all-rounder

Loved by famous vloggers all over YouTube the Canon PowerShot G7 X comes out as the all-round best vlogging camera. Although a compact camera, it is still small and lightweight enough for you to take around on your daily activities and robust enough to survive your travels. It has a 180 degree flip touchscreen so you can make sure you’re in the shot. It is able to film in RAW format and has the option for manual exposure control. Most importantly it has optical image stabilisation and wireless capabilities meaning you can transfer the footage straight from the device to your smartphone or computer. It films at 20.1 megapixels and also copes very well in low-light using a CMOS sensor. The only downside is no external mic input or built-in view-finder. A lot of famous vloggers use this camera so if you’re looking to make it to the big time this could be the camera for you.

Picture of Canon Powershot being help with one hand
The Canon Powershot G7 II has a grip for single handed shooting
If wireless capable, connect your phone to make sharing super easy

GoPro Hero – best for action-shooting and travelling

GoPro has made itself synonymous with extreme outdoor activities. Whether you’re powering down the ski slopes or along a 3ft wave, the wide-angle fisheye lens and significant durability makes GoPro the best camera for all your action shots. It is waterproof without a housing up to 10m deep and has hands-free technology which comes in handy when you’re skiing and don’t want to take your gloves off for fear of frostbite – ‘GoPro start recording.’ The GoPro is able to film in 4k and has wireless connection making it all too easy to transfer footage to your other devices. It has the ability to film in super slow-mo as well as capture 12megapixel stills ensuring you don’t miss the perfect shot. Image stabilisation is another key feature.

Taking photos of great wall with GoPro
The GoPro is small enough to take with you on adventures
GoPro camera connected to phone for sharing
Connect your GoPro to your phone for easy sharing

Sony DSC-RX100 V – for the all-rounder who needs a tripod

Also filming at 20.1 megapixels this compact camera is capable of 4k video and uses a CMOS sensor. The pocket-sized camera has a screen that can tilt downwards and 180 degrees outwards and upwards so perfect if you need a tripod or external mic. There is also a viewfinder as well as a wireless connection allowing you to transfer footage straight to your smartphone. It has a Fast Hybrid AF system with 315 focal plane phase-detection points giving you more precise focusing. There is also the ability to record in RAW format. It has an extremely fast continuous shooting speed which ensures you don’t miss a thing in your vlog and great for capturing the flawless photo out of your action shot.

Picture of sony RX100 V camera taking a photo near sunflowers
Convenient pocket-sized design with excellent quality photos
Picture of sony RX100 V camera beside phone
Telescopic lens captures stunning images, even at long range

Lighting and Tripods

Now that you have some camera options to give you amazing video quality it’s important to consider your lighting as no one likes a poorly lit vid with bad audio. You also have to think about what your camera is going to go on when you want to be hands-free!

Being stable with a tripod also helps when recording in lower light conditions.

External Microphones for professional audio

Now that you have some camera options to give you amazing video quality, it’s important to consider voice as no one likes a video with bad audio. For your consideration, we have a range of amazing mics, all with a variety of uses such as wind-blocking or battery powered.


Armed with this new knowledge you can now confidently shop the extensive camera range  - and we'll keep making more buying guides with info on the latest products.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your vlog with all the right gear!

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