Phanteks A-RGB P350X PC Case - quick look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 26th, 2018
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Stock for the new Phanteks P350X chassis has landed and is available now! 

Having already done the rounds with case reviewers on YouTube such as Hardware Canucks, if you've been looking for a great new chassis, at a reasonable price, it's very likely the P350X has been sitting at the top of your wishlist - and rightly so - with its impeccable build quality, and the slickest RGB trace lighting we've seen to date, it certainly does look pretty darn good!

The new P350X comes in two versions - with a white or black interior. Much like the P300 the PSU shroud is built into the chassis design and those clever techs at Phanteks have extended the first of their RGB trace path lighting across this, just beneath the tempered glass side panel which stretches upwards to show off your build within. The LED doesn't have a blinding flare like with traditional strip lighting, with the P350X it's more of an elegant underline. Adding to this are two new front panel RGB trace paths also, looking beautiful yet again just like the one on the side.

You can control various effects via a button on the top of the case, or hook it up with an addressable digital RGB header and use ASUS AURA to sync your full system build, have it change colours depending load/temperature, or just go full disco - crazy cool.

IMPORTANT! Although this (and many other products) wears the ASUS AURA badge you actually need a special ADD_HEADER (add means addressable) on your Asus Motherboard to make use of the features. Quick list at the bottom of this article for those planning a new build.

Like all Phanteks cases, the build quality is top notch, with a black coating covering all surfaces on the chassis (unless you choose white). We've loaded the new P350X into all the Custom Gaming PC builders so you can have a play around with the various configurations it offers!

Is this the case you've been waiting for? Check out the full range in the massive Phanteks Store today!

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