LG G7 Smartphone - hands on review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated August 9th, 2018
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We've gone hands-on for our YouTube review of the LG G7, read on for some quick features highlights or skip to the bottom of this article and see for yourself just how well it performs!

This latest version gives us a smartphone that's both sleek and sensible, ticking all the right boxes with its smart assistant features, super-bright display & truly exceptional speaker setup.

The slimline design houses a near bezel-less 6.1" QHD+ (3120 x 1440) display which has the ability to deliver vivid colours with HDR but what really makes this one so brilliant is a 1000nit brightness setting - making everything clearly viewable even in the dazzling of conditions - a welcome feature for all those who have experienced the mirror effect when attempting to use their shiny new smartphone when out and about!

The G7 is the first smartphone to offer a dedicated Google Assistant Key that provides quick and easy access to both Google Lens (Google Lens is awesome, allowing us to perform useful tasks from within the phone’s camera like translating language or identifying objects) and Google Assistant, a convenient way to get more things done. To assist with all this assisting the LG G7 has a special microphone setup with SFFVR (Super-Far-Field-Voice-Recognition) that can recognise voice commands from up to five meters away.

This is further backed up by the use of some excellent speaker on the device - allowing for clear communication, even when it's in the room, rather than in your hand. This speaker setup is equally impressive for music too, with a large resonance chamber that generates a clearer sound, not typically found on smartphones. The LG G7 features a Hi-Fi Quad DAC + AMP allowing it to power some very high-end headphones, the DTS:X is available via both earphone jack or Bluetooth wireless making it a top choice for audio enthusiasts

The LG G7 is also extremely fast, as you'd expect, running Qualcomm’s fastest Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, the same processor used in the just released OnePlus 6 & Sony Xperia XZ2. This allowed LG to include some very clever imaging AI in a G7 smartphone package. Camera wise this latest version packs wide angle lenses on both the 8MP front camera, and one of the rear 16MP cameras, which allow us to fit in even more people, or beautiful scenery into that frame :) The AI CAM feature will automatically optimise your shots based on the subject matter and is able to brighten dimly-lit objects by a magnitude of four without adding additional noise or grain. Ready for adventures the LG G7 has an IP68 rating too, meaning you can take this one for a swim underwater and into dusty conditions with confidence.

It's ready for Dual Sim and works with Vodafone, Spark or 2Degrees NZ sim cards. Also, it's got that fancy notch thing yet again, with the option to turn it on and off as you see fit :) Rounding things off not only does the LG G7 sport fast charging, but also fast wireless charging!

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