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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 13th, 2018
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If you’re an Apple user, and would like an easier way to share videos or photographs on your television with your family without fumbling around with HDMI cables and flicking through AV channels, you’re in luck, AppleTV turns your TV into a smart TV: the Apple way!

These work best for those already in the Apple ecosystem, the AppleTV is a set-top entertainment box that houses all of your favourite apps in one convenient location. Use the App store, just like you would on your iPhone or iPad, to download all of your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, Lightbox, NEON, Apple Music, play an array of games and rent movies & television shows. Plus the Apple TV App is already on iPhone and iPad — so you can watch at home or wherever you go.

The Apple TV now supports 4K playback and operates extremely similarly to your iPhone or iPad. It’s got Siri built-in for handy information about movies and television, so you can say to Siri “Jennifer Lawrence movies” and Apple TV will display all of Jennifer Lawrence’s films. You can move your apps like you would on your iPhone to suit your liking, and also allows you to sync your Apple Music and iTunes libraries so you can immediately play all your favourite tunes. You can also use AirPlay to mirror what’s on your iPhone or iPad to share photos and content from your phone to the big screen. Dynamic, animated screensavers appear when your TV has been idle for a customised set amount of time, meaning your TV will still look good even when you put the Apple TV remote down.

In 32GB or 64GB storage options, you’ll be able to download and store a whole bunch of entertaining content for your living room or home theatre. You shouldn’t run out of storage for a long, long time, as Apple has implemented intelligent technology to manage local storage by only downloading the content you need at the time. To explain: let’s say you download a game with multiple levels. AppleTV will download the first 5 levels, with the rest in offline mode. Once you reach level 6, it will download level 6 and delete level 1 from storage. These, of course, are downloadable again – but it’s a really neat way to avoid filling up your storage with unnecessary data. If you only ever play a few games, use a few apps, and watch a few movies or shows at a time, 32 GB of storage should be enough to keep what you need local. If you play a lot of games, use a lot of apps, and watch a lot of movies and shows at a time, you'll want 64GB.

You can shop all the latest products in the Apple Store today, and we'll continue watching out for more of the best!

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