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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 31st, 2018
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We've jumped into our Car Electronics category here at PB Tech and grabbed a dash cam so we can test it hands-on, recording and checking a bunch of the features this premium product offers to those who are wanting to record their driving experience.

There are some really good reasons why a driver might want to have a dash cam in 2018. For businesses, they can identify misuse of a company vehicle. They can be useful in collecting evidence when traffic accidents happen and to resolve insurance disputes, and also to report dangerous drivers to the police before an accident happens.

This particular model is special because it can log GPS coordinates, date, and time into recorded video footage. GPS coordinates precisely locate where an incident happened so that emergency road services, police, or an insurance representative can respond more quickly. It also includes a 16GB Transcend MicroSD card as a part of the bundle.

Check out the PB Tech YouTube video review below as we check out how the 1080P captured footage looks from day to night, along with the audio alerts and performance while streaming the video to a smartphone.

The longer you use a dash cam like the Transcend Drive Pro the more exciting footage you're likely to capture, it's a similar situation that Drones find themselves in right now, with some people taking offence to being recorded without their permission. We think it's best to treat the footage in a similar way so before you go and upload all your highlights to YouTube consider this information from the Privacy Commissioner Office in NZ

"Our advice to people wanting to upload video taken by dash cam (and this also applies to CCTV and drone footage) is to consider carefully why you might need to do this. If there is a compelling reason, you also need to think about how to edit out or mask the number plates of other cars, or images of passers-by. If you see examples of dangerous or bad driving, uploading the footage to YouTube is not necessarily the best way of drawing attention to it. A more effective option might be to give the footage to Police."

Looking for a good Dash Cam? Check the latest range of our Car Electronics Category here at PB Tech.

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