World's First 144Hz Gaming Laptop

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 30th, 2018
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We've been seeing this statement a lot lately!

With the latest range of Intel Gaming Laptops now available from ASUS, Gigabyte and MSi some are now featuring these extremely fast displays and a mixture of additional features.

The options from Gigabyte and MSi focus on thin bezels, which is nice, but it's ASUS who really stands out with their panel on the GM501, not only is it 144Hz, but looking a bit deeper into the specs - it's also got a new feature that allows for an insane 3ms response time - massively down from the 7ms in other models.

This is made possible because Asus works closely with AUO who make the displays used, together they developed a feature called 'OVERDRIVE' to bring down response times to 3ms. What's really cool is that Asus hasn't made actually made this technology exclusive to them alone, so although they're certainly the first to have it on their Gaming Laptops I expect we'll see the other brands sporting OVERDRIVE too in the next-gen releases.

For those new to this specification, the response time number is basically how quickly an image can be displayed :) We're not talking about a cheeky TN panel here either, Asus and AUO also are responsible for developing the AHVA IPS 120hz and AHVA IPS 144hz gaming panels!

In a ROG vs ROG analysis, we'll refer to details from tests below so you can see just how awesome that G501 is (keep in mind notebookcheck combines rise and fall results into one number, so their total reported response time is twice as high as the average response time)

G703 144hz 7ms (without OVERDRIVE)

GM501 144hz 3ms (with OVERDRIVE)

Blazingly quick!

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