Making Music with ROLI Songmaker Kits

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated October 2nd, 2018
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Designed by ROLI, the Songmaker Kit gives you everything you need to create your own amazing track, anywhere. It combines the incredible expressive power of the Seaboard Block, with the special Lightpad Block M and Loop Block and more sweet accessories for a complete studio experience - that's pretty portable too!

With two incredible touch-responsive surfaces to play with, you can play your melodies on the Seaboard Block, while controlling effects on the illuminated Lightpad M then record your track with the Loop Block. This tried and tested BLOCKS combination is perfect for producers and performers who want to create expressive music. Not only do the three Blocks connect seamlessly with each other. They also integrate perfectly with a suite of software including Equator, ROLI's premium software synthesizer that's custom-made for MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

And speaking of great software, the Songmaker Kit includes a suite of music making software worth over $400! The software bundle includes the above mentioned Equator, which is packed with tools to give you unlimited control of sound, and also a range of additional, specialist software.


  • 24 keywave Seaboard Block
  • Illuminated Lightpad M playing surface
  • Loop Block for production control
  • Customizable modular system
  • 100s of free sounds
  • Software bundle: Equator, Ableton Live Lite, Tracktion Waveform, Strobe2 Player.

And there’s more - Songmaker Kit also comes with a stylish Snapcase, so you can make music on the go and protect your Blocks from wear and tear.

For those using the iPhone, iPad or Google Pixel it gets even better, you can pair your devices to the Songboard wirelessly and with a ROLI APP named NOISE gain access to hundreds of sounds.

Once you've got your Songmaker Kit you can continue to add even more functionality to your setup with the ROLI Live Block and ROLI Touch Block, and also additional ROLI Seaboard Blocks, ROLI Loop Blocks and ROLI Lightpad Blocks to create a setup that's perfect for you.

Check out the YouTube videos below to see how ROLI can be used to create incredible music and if you like how this is all sounding, check out the latest products in the ROLI Store today!

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