Wireless Smartphone Charging - Hands on Review at PB Tech

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - March 14th, 2018
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Today we're having a closer look at the latest Wireless Smartphone Chargers from Momax, both the versions for your desk and also another one that's great to use in the car.

Starting out with the new Momax Wireless Charging Desk Stands which are available in both black and white versions for the perfect look, we find both versions have dual charging coils built-in so you can charge your phone while it's positioned on the stand either vertically or horizontally and whatever way you choose to have your smartphone the anti-slip coating will help ensure it will stay safe and secure on the stand.

It's important to note that not all Smartphones have the wireless charging features built-in, so be sure to check your specific phone is compatible before you grab one of these wonderful charging devices. To make things very easy for those looking to buy a new phone with these features all the of the models below are good to go :)

We also tested a Wireless Smartphone Charger for the car, which includes a sticky dash mount and a versatile air vent mount. This holder can fit devices up to 5.5" in size, and with its 360° rotatable head you can adjust your phone to get a perfect position if you're using your phone for something like Google Maps.

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