Samsung Galaxy S9 at PB Tech - Hands on Review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated March 12th, 2018
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We've gone hands-on with the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at PB Tech, checking out all the latest features so you can see if these new smartphones are right for you. You can check out the YouTube review videos below, we've split these into two parts, the first is a Galaxy S9 Smartphone review and the second is an in-depth look at the camera specifically.

Below you'll find quick links for all the new colours and storage capacities available for each version. When looking at the two models there are a few key differences aside from the size, the S9+ models get an extra 2GB of ram, which takes it from 4GB up to 6GB, the S9+ also has two rear-facing cameras which make some very cool bokeh effects possible when you're taking photos. Both models are set to release on March 16th here in New Zealand.

Samsung engineers are calling these latest S9 series smartphones their greatest feat of engineering, packing in some of the best camera, display, protection and connectivity technology we've ever seen into a mobile device. First and best of all, don’t be afraid to go on an adventure with your new phone, both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have an IP68 rating, which is based on test conditions placing the device into 5ft of fresh water for 30 minutes, so we're fine to use our new smartphones, even in the rain :) Secondly, the S9 series is compatible with the soon to be released DeX docking device, allowing us to connect the S9 to a display for a PC like experience. In addition to the built-in storage space within the various Galaxy S9 models we can add more as needed via an SD card slot positioned on the top, also for those wondering, yes the Galaxy S9 and S9+ both include a headphone jack.

Sizes for Galaxy S9 and S9 PLus at PB Tech

The infinity display is near bezel-less, with durable full-frontal glass on its edge to edge screen. The 18.5:9 display ratio gives us a cinematic view for enjoying videos and to complete the experience, the Galaxy S9 has stereo speakers tuned by AKG and enhanced with Dolby Atmos to provide us with audio that's both crisp and loud.

When it comes to unlocking our new phones those talented techs at Samsung have included an IRIS scanner within the upper bezel, when the face recognition needs help, iris scan kicks in to verify you and vice versa. For additional functionality and ease of access, you'll also find a handy fingerprint scanner located on the back just below the twin cameras.

Both the Galaxy S9 and the larger Galaxy S9+ feature a dual aperture rear-facing camera that adjusts between f/1.5-f/2.4 to allow for brilliant images to be captured, in almost any lighting situation, including very low light conditions. It's also able to automatically switch between various lighting conditions - making our photos look great whether it's bright or dark, day or night.

Not only is this great for improving the everyday photos we take with our smartphones, but it also allows for better use of additional features such as Live Translate which allows us to translate language text in real-time, by looking at the text through our Galaxy S9+ camera! Undoubtedly a great tool when travelling but also handy for choosing what to order from that fancy French restaurant's authentic menu :)

4K 60FPS is available but this new camera is also capable of recording video in super slow-mo and can capture at a stunningly slow 960 frames per second, albeit at a lower resolution. We can then add background music and share the video with friends or even make it a video wallpaper for our lock screen now!

Super Slow Mo Camera on Galaxy S9 at PB Tech

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