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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - January 25th, 2018
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Just a few hours following the New York launch, the latest DJI Mavic Air Drone has landed in NZ and is available now at PB Tech!

This new Mavic Air from DJI sits comfortably in-between the popular DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro, offering budding pilots a very portable option that is equipped with a gimballed 4K camera and some incredible smart flying features.

Included with all DJI Mavic Air is an exciting new controller with detachable joysticks that store inside the remote controller making it travel safe when out and about. The dedicated remote controller uses a foldable, low-profile, ergonomic design to hold your smartphone for maximum convenience and adds massively increased range and precision to your drones flight. Easy to use and fun to fly with, these latest controllers make piloting the MAVIC AIR even better!

Our PB Tech Drone team has just returned from an event in Syndey at which, Kevin On from DJI, covered the inspirations and technology that has gone into this latest drone.

This was followed by a special presentation from Benjamin Lee, popular Australian photographer and filmmaker who was provided with a Mavic Air to try weeks before the announcement - it must have been tough to keep that secret! Of particular interest amongst the crowd were a series of still images he was able to pull out of video footage taken with the Mavic Air, the remarkable quality was made possible by the drones ability to record video with a staggering 100MBPS bitrate, this camera is also able to record a crisp 4K video at 30FPS.

Another gasp & cheer moment was a demonstration of the APAS flight mode which allows the new Mavic Air to follow you while avoiding obstacles in its path, this was demonstrated by Benjamin in a video walking through the pylons of an old pier, the Mavic Air was smoothly strafing left and right to avoid the obstacles while maintaining it's tracking on Benjamin as he snaked ahead.

What followed was a hands-on experience for all with the new Mavic Air drones, and although the drone does include a very impressive controller, the DJI crew encouraged all to take off, fly and land the drone using only hand gestures - an impressive feat that was repeated and enjoyed by all - of particular note here was the 100% success rate for all the people doing this, every single person who had go was able to control the drone by gestures.

Also available to try at the event was the First Person Goggles, you can wear these as a pilot but in some cases, they also allow for a co-pilot to control the camera of the drone while in-flight. Some key accessories still to come were highlighted also, among these a DJI specific car charger and new FPV goggles were mentioned.

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