Ready for Summer? Best in Portable Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated December 1st, 2020
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The sunny months are almost here!

It’s the perfect a great time to dive in and check out some of the excellent Portable Bluetooth Speakers from Logitech UE. All of the options we’ll be looking at (and listening to) today allow for wireless connection via Bluetooth which makes them perfect for BBQs, and with waterproof features in the lineup, they’re also perfect for taking to the beach - they can even dive into the water with you!

Without a doubt, the most popular range in NZ is from Logitech UE, that U.E bit actually stands for Ultimate Ears and they live up to the name - these speakers systems sound fantastic! Available now in a range of shapes and sizes to suit just about any situation they’ve got a few neat tricks and features no-one can match, thoughtful design makes them extremely durable and with the ability to wirelessly combine multiple speakers into a single audio source, having more people turn up to the party with their Logitech UE Boom in hand just makes it even better!

The UE BOOM 3 is the most popular in the current range and it’s kept all the features that made the previous versions great, while adding some new ones that make it even better. They've even updated the original limited edition All Black UE BOOM to the UE BOOM 3 spec!

Voice integration features allow you to use both Siri and Google to command the UE BOOM 3 - while keeping your phone in your pocket. To do this quickly press the Bluetooth button on your UE BOOM 3 and say what you want to song you want to hear next - brilliant!

When they say it’s waterproof, Logitech UE mean it. Not just a splash, you can actually dunk this one under the water and it’ll continue pumping out your sweet sounds (fun fact, the audio stream is buffered for around a minute and depending on your depth underwater the wireless signal might have a hard time getting through) It’s got the official IP67 certification which means the UE Boom 3 is certified to survive submersions in water for up to half an hour - make sure you’ve pushed down the little rubber port covers before you do this though! It floats too, so don’t worry about it slipping from your hands in the pool, and yet another good thing about this feature is that it allows you to easily clean it should you drop it in the mud, just rinse it off with warm, soapy water :)

Picture of UE Boom

The sound quality has been improved too, allowing you to push that volume up louder than ever without the speakers distorting, and so you can enjoy in longer, the rechargeable battery now gives you up to 15 hours of non-stop music.

As I briefly mentioned above, you can pair multiple UE Boom speakers together to create a very cool multiple speaker setups, adding more as people arrive with their own. You can have them play the same exact audio out of both speakers, or they can be configured in a stereo mode where one speaker is the left channel, the other right. The limit for adding speakers in this chain is apparently 100, you can do this in the UE Boom APP (available now for Android and iOS) and the option is aptly named “PARTY UP” :)

The UE Boom 3 is available now in a wide range colours and styles, the size is pretty close to that of a 500ml drink bottle (it even fits in drink holders on bikes) but if you’re looking for something smaller they’ve got that covered with the super cute UE Wonderboom series. 

You can check out all the UE Boom options, colours and sizes in the massive UE Store today, and we'll continue checking out more great new options from the massive speakers and audio range!

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