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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated September 4th, 2017
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Those who jumped into the recent Destiny 2 BETA on PC might have noticed a new option within the games settings - one that enables HDR. That’s right folks - that brilliant team at Bungie have made this a part of the PC version of Destiny 2, and it really shined through during the Strike mission with vibrant flares just as we approached the wasteland section with all those craters and weird dogs… it was wonderful :)

Even if you had a regular monitor you could turn this one on, but you’d see no difference - for those lucky few who had their PC connected to an HDR enabled TV... the difference was an explosion of colour!

Not all of us can lug our PC’s into the lounge though, at least not permanently, and our better halves might find it reasonable to complain if the family TV vanished from the living room and reappeared in the gaming room… cough cough… I mean home office… :P

Well, good news ahead!

We’ve got two excellent new arrivals in the HDR monitor category - better still, one is a beautiful 1440p display and the other is a completely stunning 4K option :)

Looking closer at our first magnificent monitor - the Dell Ultrasharp QLED HDR Monitor with InfinityEdge is the world's first 25" IPS monitor featuring Dells HDR technology for some truly gorgeous colours at 2560x1440, framed within an incredibly thin bezel.

Dell HDR combines greater depth of colours, remarkable clarity and a high contrast range of shades to create strikingly realistic images, this is not just great for playing some Destiny 2 on though, even your HDR photos will boast a lifelike appearance on this fine display! On that note, it’s a very solid option for video and photo editors also, the new Dell U2518D monitor comes factory calibrated with 99% sRGB coverage (to an accuracy of Delta-E less than 2), for precise hues right out of the box, each monitor features a factory calibration report that guarantees color correctness, so you can trust your projects reflect true colour intensity.

The Dell U2518D 25” QLED 2560x1440 IPS HDR Monitor with InfinityEdge is available at PB Tech now, order yours today!

Next up we’ve got the big one, a 4K 27” Monitor with HDR!

Sporting the same features as the smaller version above but with a resolution of 3840x2160 the Dell U2718Q is the current king of HDR, that incredible pixel density combined with the high dynamic range produces an image so good it's hard to describe, we recommend you stop by a PB Tech store to see how good this one looks in person :)

Connectivity wise it’s got everything we want with options for HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort and even mini-DisplayPort. The stand is fully adjustable with tilt, swivel and rotation up-to 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

Now, swinging back around to Destiny 2 and playing this in 4K HDR specifically, the BETA test ran beautifully for us at 4K on our intel i7-7700 + GTX 1080 test system, if you turned down the MSAA setting to SMAA perfromance on the GTX 1070 was also excellent!

We’ve got more great options coming in the HDR monitor category, and be sure to check out our Top 10 Gaming Monitors article if you're looking for pure speed.

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