Three of the FASTEST Gaming Monitors!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated October 31st, 2021
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Today we’re taking a quick look at the fastest Gaming Monitors from Asus, LG, Philips, AOC, BenQ ZowieSamsung, Titan Army, and Acer!

A quick note for those who are new to ultra-fast displays and why we all want them; the HZ rate is basically a number of times your monitor can update/redraw the image on the screen - with 144Hz being able to do this up to 144 times per second! With these higher frame rates, all those missing images on the screen come together in a beautiful smooth motion that makes it much easier to target opponents - of course, our PC will need to be able to push out that many frames but that’s another topic - so back to the subject at hand!

We feel the need, the need for SPEED!

1. 360Hz 25" Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR Gaming Monitor

This Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR is the fastest gaming monitor available in the world today, with an incredible 360Hz pushing it to the top of our fastest gaming monitors list! This 1920x1080 resolution display is intended to give the most benefit in competitive gaming events, and also features new Nvidia Reflex technology to reduce input lag - adding to the advantage given.

The panel has superb viewing angles, with Asus Fast IPS enabling 1ms response time. It's also certified HDR10 for vibrant colours that exceed those available in other lesser spec'd panels. G-Sync helps to ensure everything stays smooth on your screen, so you can move in and out of battle with absolute finesse.

Picture of Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR gaming monitor front
The newly designed stand takes up less desk space, but an interchangable clamp is also included with the QNR version to maximise space even more!
Picture of Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR gaming monitor swivel to easy access cables
This ROG monitor can pivot and twist, providing easy access to the various inputs and outputs
Picture of Asus ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR gaming monitor back with RGB ROG eye logo
A customisable ROG eye in on the back of the monitor, this can be customised using the ASUS AURA Sync lighting software

Being a ROG monitor, it's also got the latest RGB bling with a downfiring LED projector and AURA ready ROG EYE logo on the back added some colourful ambience to your gaming setup, and with cable management channels built into the design, as well as a desk clamp included with the PG259QNR version, it's going to be a very tidy gaming setup indeed!

Looking for the fastest gaming monitor? Get yourself the Asus ROG Swift PG259QNR 360Hz Gaming Monitor today!

2. 240Hz 27" Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved QLED Gaming Monitor

Blazing in with a 240Hz panel at 1440P, this is a top tier gaming monitor and it’s a sight to behold! This extremely high speed makes it the perfect monitor for high action gaming if you want every advantage possible, but this monitor is more than just fast, it achieves 1ms to eliminate smearing and motion blur, and the higher resolution makes objects in look sharper, game play is fluid and responsive.

The monitor frame design is highly adjustable to suit, with swivel, pivot, height adjustment and tilt. 

It's also G-Sync compatible to keep things silky-smooth, making it perfect for those with Nvidia Graphics Cards in their Gaming PC, but worry not if you're running an AMD Gaming PC - It's FreeSync compatible too :) Whatever graphics you are running with it's going to need to be incredibly powerful to push out all the frames that this amazing monitor can give you!

Picture of Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor adjustable stand
The Samsung Odyssey G7 stand is highly adjustable, tilting and twisting
Picture of Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor curve
A sharper than most curve makes for an immersive gaming view
Picture of Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor rear LED set to red
The rear LED jet engine like design can be set to range of colours which softly project onto the wall behind

For those who want that same speed but in a larger frame, there is the 32" G7 Odyssey which features 240Hz at the 2560x1440 resolution too!

3. 155Hz AOC Q27G2S IPS Gaming Monitor

NEW ENTRY! This AOC Q27G2S 155Hz gaming monitor has a similar design to the popular previous 27G2 version, sporting that iconic red trim and that's been a part of series for many years, but this latest version pushes out a little more frames per second.

The 27" panel can reach a remarkable 155Hz, which might not seem too impressive at first glance, especially comparing to the options above, but it does this at the higher resolution of 2560x1440!

Picture of AOC 155Hz Q27G2S gaming monitor front with a dash of red
From the front, the AOC Q27G2S stands out from the crowd with a dash of red underlining the frame and stand
Picture of AOC 155Hz Q27G2S gaming monitor
The monitor has both HDMI and DisplayPort connections, and you can wall mount it using the VESA points too
Picture of AOC 155Hz Q27G2S gaming monitor back with red trims
From the back the red trimmed AOC monitor design theme continues on, adding to the gamer vibe

With G-Sync this gaming monitor is designed to work with Nvidia Gaming PC builds, but it's also adaptive sync ready for those running with AMD Radeon in their PC. The bezel to screen is certainly narrow, but definitely not quite frameless as the name often implies, in reality, the screen starts an additional 6mm or so from the bezel on the top and sides, with the fat lower bezel being more accurate.

Marketing mishaps aside, the AOC 155Hz is certainly fast, well deserving of its place in the list, but also worth seeing side by side with other options so you can see the colour vibrance and bezel design for yourself.

These are just a small slice from the massive Monitor range available today, we'll continue to update this list with exciting new models as they arrive in New Zealand.

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