Wireless cameras to keep an eye on the kids!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - July 10th, 2017
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Do-It-Yourself video surveillance made easy with 3 great options.

Perfect for keeping a watchful eye on things the Smanos IP6 Wireless Camera is part of our growing wireless smart home range at PB Tech.

With it, you can check out a video stream right on your smartphone - and also communicate with two-way audio! The built-in microphone has advanced noise reduction capabilities and its highly sensitive omnidirectional mic and speaker combo allows for easy checking in on family members.

The camera features a wide-angle lens and combines this with an industrial-grade Sony image sensor for sharp video quality along with a great field of view, it’s a great option for keeping an eye on something while you’re away, you can even insert a MicroSD card into the device to record footage if you’re wanting to review footage later on :)

Everything is controlled via an app available for both iOS and Android devices and with this you’ll get to see and hear what's going on quickly and whenever you want - right from your smartphone or tablet.

Next up we have a very cool camera design with the Beseye Camera Kit which has a neat magnetic base that's ideal for swivelling that perfect position :)

With a sleek design which has won them multiple prestigious awards, such as Good Design, iF Design and Red Dot Design. The Beseye camera is acknowledged to be pretty wonderful for both its appearance and functions.

Much like the camera above this one is great for keeping an eye on things (like kids) and also has the two-way talking covered with its microphone and speaker combo. What the Beseye Camera brings to the table is night vision and a motion sensor which allows you to be alerted to activity in a certain area... and then use the microphone for a quick scare prank perhaps :P

If you're looking for something that's a pretty hi-end, a very popular choice here at PB Tech is the ARLO Pro Weatherproof Dual Camera Kit.

A completely wire-free home camera system that uses a pair of cute, battery-powered cameras and a base station to help you track motion in and around your home and view live and recorded video from your smartphone or PC. This one takes home security technology even further and includes rechargeable batteries, motion and sound-activated alerts, 2-way audio and a very loud 100+ decibel siren.

Great for all kinds of surveillance the ARLO kits are top quality and being rechargeable allow you to put them wherever you want to - just like C M Lynn did when they captured this great little video. "We grabbed our Arlo kitchen camera and placed it on the deck rail for added security. Such a thrill when Arlo sent us two alerts capturing this beauty so close up."

Check out our massive range in CCTV and Surveillance plus all the latest options from our new Smanos Store + Arlo at PB Tech today!

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