Cherry MX Silver Gaming Keyboards at PB Tech!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - July 4th, 2017
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A massive shipment gaming gear has just landed at PB Tech New Zealand and amongst it are some excellent keyboards from the talented team at Cooler Master - some of which have Cherry MX Silver Switches!

Looking closer at the Masterkeys Pro series we find genuine Cherry MX within all models, available in blue, brown and that fancy silver switch type so you can click-click-click faster than ever before.

Sporting a great layout with excellent spacing and some of the best RGB backlighting we’ve ever seen - Cooler Master achieved this by modifying the printed circuit board with small cutouts to let the LEDs sit snugly against the switches giving the new range a clean, even glow with almost no light leakage - perfection!

This Pro range has two core styles of keyboards on offer, the Pro L is a full sized keyboard with numpad and dedicated macro buttons above this while the Pro S cuts itself down to a smaller version with no numpad or dedicated macro. In both cases the construction of these new keyboards is excellent with cable management channels and nice rubber feet on the kickstands but the Masterkeys Pro L gets special mention for the concealed USB port on the bottom which, if you’re carrying the gaming keyboard with you, makes things very tidy and convenient. For the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro there is also a new CM MasterKeys Wrist Rest available for ultimate comfort when you’ve got to do some work :P

Although the keyboards have some of the best on-the-fly customisation options that require no software if you do decide to install it you'll be happy to know it's both quick and easy to use :) With it you’ll be able to hold left click and brush on colours for per-key backlighting making LED customisation easy, tweaking both the colours or speed settings for modes like Colour Wave, Star Effect and Rain Drop has never been easier. You can then save your gaming profiles to share with friends or the worldwide Cooler Master community which works both ways - there are some pretty good profiles up already for games like Overwatch, League of Legends and more.

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