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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 30th, 2017
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The Surface Studio is a relatively new option ideal for professional artists and designers in the market for a pen savvy display - we’ve gotten hands-on with one to check things out and it’s certainly impressive, check it out for yourself in our latest PB Tech YouTube video below!

If you’re into computer-assisted design you’ve probably already had some experience with Wacom and if you’re lucky used a Cintiq.

The most obvious difference between the Cintiq and the Surface Studio is the all-in-one aspect, the Surface is not only great for drawing but also designed to handle a more usual workday, the vibrant, adjustable display is well suited for normal desktop use and with the camera, microphone and speakers built-in making a quick video call is very convenient indeed. The larger Cintiq are more like a special monitor that you connect to your editing computer, with an additional screen being best for doing the day to day stuff - depending on your needs and wants you can choose the best option for you.

The specific Surface Studio we used in our video was the 28" i7 version, if you’re wanting to take a look at the most similar option from Wacom the closest is likely the 27” Pen and Touch - just remember you’ll need a PC to connect this too!

This is just a slice of what’s available now for the artists at PB Tech New Zealand, below are some quick links so you can easily check out the full range from these two big players in the field of design.

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