Logitech G533 - Hands On Review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - February 2nd, 2017
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Logitech seem to be trying to make sure they have a decent contender in every price point out there, and this is their newly released wireless headset, which is essentially a stripped back Artemis Spectrum.

This is the Logitech G533.

Wireless gaming headsets are slowly starting to gain momentum within the gaming community. The G933 Artemis Spectrum is Logitech’s flagship headset, and is widely recognised as one of the best for its price.

The G533 is rather similar, it has the same 40mm drivers and DTS digital 7.1 surround sound. The only real physical differences are the RGB rim lighting, and a lack of some of the Macro G-keys.

The G533 is made from mostly plastic which is a positive because it weighs in at only 350g. The soft ear cup mesh breathes very well with plenty of cushioning to prevent your ears from making contact with the drivers.

The adjustable metal sliders are defined with 14 individual steps. so these will fit an array of different head sizes. and you can also turn the ear cups flat which makes them comfortable to place around your neck when not in use. On the left hand side we get a well thought out set of controls, rather than giving you 4 buttons like on the G933. The G533 has a single g key along with a volume wheel, this button by default is set to mute the microphone, but this can be changed in Logitech’s software to anything you like.

One major advantage of not having too many g-keys behind the headset is that you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out the buttons, and in my experience, on the fly adjustments were perfect, with just the right amount of control.

Speaking of the microphone, it's okay, retractable with a slight extension for maneuverability, what’s interesting is Logitech have included a pop filter to reduce pop's and breath noise, and there’s also noise cancelling technology built in which does a decent job of removing background noise. In my tests it didn't seem to be quite as clear, as the mic found on the G933, but its decent enough for online games.

The battery life on the other hand has been improved, due to the lack of RGB's. You get a solid 15 hours which should be more than enough to get you through a LAN party. I found I only had to charge this headset every couple of days. The built in battery is user replaceable and is charged though the micro USB port with cables provided in the box.

The G533 connects to your PC through a USB powered wireless receiver, and according to Logitech it’s supposed to offer a lossless digital audio transmission with up to 15m of range and I’m happy to report I had no issues with signal loss in my house, it was very strong even when I left the computer to grab something from the kitchen.

The Logitech gaming software is up there with the best driver software’s on the market, you can easily check the battery level, play around with the EQ and the 7.1 surround sound tab lets you adjust volume for each of the seven individual channels. Regular stereo mode is selectable too and that's an absolute necessity when listening to music, for this reason I bound the g-key to switch between stereo and 7.1, this way you can have clear sounding music and then switch to 7.1 for games which was an awesome experience.

A good example of this feature was with Battlefield 1 which has a pre-set specifically designed for the Logitech Pro G drivers and the simulated virtual 3d environment was fantastic. Gunshots were powerful, and being able to pinpoint footsteps coming up behind you was a huge advantage. The sound quality surprised me, although headphones are subjective I’m quite a fan of strong bass and the G533 delivered. Explosions were rattling, without peaking in the higher frequencies and I found myself getting very immersed in Battlefield.

All in all the G533 delivered an excellent wireless audio experience in both stereo and surround sound modes. The microphone was a little on the weak side but passable. Wireless audio is still a more expensive route to take, however given the decent soundstage for not just gaming but also music, and the joy of not stumbling over wires when I get up from my desk, I can happily recommend this headset for those who want excellent wireless 7.1, without the RGB nonsense.

You can check out the Logtitech G533 or view our entire range of gaming headsets for yourself in store or online.

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