Huawei MateBook - Hands On Review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 29th, 2016
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They call it the Matebook, a full Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid that has a focus on productivity. It kind of looks like an iPad pro, and I’m completely okay with that because its design is stunning.

Made from a single piece of aluminium, with chamfered edges, its only 6.9mm thick and weighs 640 grams, its sleek, super lightweight and easy to carry around.

The screen on this thing would have to be my favourite part, a 12" Quad HD IPS display and it's really clear, colours and text look great and brightness levels aren’t too bad either.

The Matebook comes with a keyboard folio case, that can be propped up and used as a stand. The keyboards pretty good, it feels like a standard laptop keyboard, the keys are quite close together but the key travel was surprisingly decent for such a thin tablet case. It's just not the best if you're trying to use it on your lap, but on a flat surface it was sweet and the glass trackpad was really good too, it was smooth, accurate and comes in a good size.

On the side, you get a nice volume rocker, and the part in the middle is actually a fingerprint scanner, its quick and provides a good extra layer of security to your device. As far as I/O goes, it’s pretty refined, as in you only get a headphone jack and a single USB type C connection, so adapters are pretty necessary.

In the box you get a Type-C to micro USB adapter and then they also have a micro USB to USB 2, which is a bit of an effort to get a single port but it’s nice that it's included for free.

The tablet itself is really good, the model I had was packing an Intel Skylake Core m3 and 4gb of ram but there is also a model with 8gbs of ram and an Intel core m5, but yeah I found the performance good, it might not have an i5 like the Surface Pro but that m series chip will handle all your productivity applications just fine, I was even able to play around in Photoshop with no problems.
It can easily handle 10-12 chrome tabs, play back QHD Video, and do all your standards with Microsoft Office.

At the end of the day, this is a productivity device first so don’t expect to play any newer games on it. In fact, I tried out Borderlands 2 in 1080p with low settings, it was playable but definitely not what this device is designed for. There's no fans at all, its completely silent, but I did find that the back of the Matebook got a little hot while in use, nothing bad but it was noticeable.

All in all, this is a high-quality 2-in-1 device and depending on your use, this could be the perfect product for you, its lightweight has decent performance and packs an awesome screen, all into a sleek single piece metal design.

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My next laptop is going to be a Huawei Matebook. Stylish and value for money.

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