Roidmi Bluetooth Car Kit - PB Tech Hands On Review

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 10th, 2016
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That summer road trip season is coming up quick and for some of you this device might be exactly what you're looking for.

It's called The RoidMi Bluetooth Car Charger 2s. Made by Xiaomi, you may know them from their range of headphones and wireless speakers, but basically, you just plug this into the cars cigarette lighter and it gives your car Bluetooth so you can connect your phone, either iOS or Android, and play music, take hands-free calls, get navigation instructions and it’s also got two USB fast charging ports sitting at 2.4A.

The way it works is through an in-built FM Transmitter, which means it doesn’t matter if you don’t even have a CD player in the car, all you need is an FM radio. Just plug it in, connect your phone through Bluetooth and then open the RoidMi driver app. Select an FM signal and then tune your car into the same channel.

Your music will come through straight away, and I’ve got to say the quality is a lot more impressive than I was first expecting. I've used FM transmitters in the past and found that they sounded really muddy especially in the lower end bass frequency’s, but the RoidMi charger was clear, and the bass was definitely present. Just make sure it’s a free channel that isn't already being used by radio station. they also include an on-screen button that you can press and it will recommend the best station for you. The Car Charger 2s has four different LED lights that you can change inside the app and it can even send information to your phone about your cars battery levels.

This gets really cool when you pair this with something like a Spigen magnetic car mount. The one I had just inserts into your cars CD player. It comes with 2 metal plates in the box that magnetically stick to the mount, they have adhesive on one side and are able to even work through a phone case. It’s decent, they got the perfect balance between having the phone really stable while you drive yet still easy to remove when you leave.

Also, something else newly released is the “Android Auto” app. You can have this app automatically launch when it connects to the RoidMi and it gives you easy access to maps or your music on your phone, plus the RoidMi also has a microphone built-in, so if you tap the top of the app, you can ask Google to call someone, send a message for you, change the music or look for something close by.

Everything is played back through your cars speakers.

The whole setup works really well. Instead of spending large amounts of money on a special android head unit, you can get everything you need with just your phone, a car mount and the RoidMi Bluetooth Car Charger 2s.

Just one thing to note, the RoidMi uses the newer type of connection, so if your car is using the older plug you will just have to get an adapter. Xiaomi do make a nice quality adapter for this and it also gives you an extra port which is nice.

Definitely check the RoidMi Bluetooth Car Charger 2s out, it’s a handy thing to have in your car and a lot safer than trying to work maps and music on your phone while you're driving.

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