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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - October 25th, 2016
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When the Meizu M3 note launched, people realised we have finally hit that point where you don't have to spend large amounts of money to get a decent smartphone. The M3 note is great, but some people think that a 5.5 inch screen is still a little too big for a handheld device. That's where the M3 S comes in.

Now with a 5 inch display which makes the overall form factor a lot easier to operate with one hand.

We get a new gold colour which looks really good, and it even extends to the ring around the home button. It's the same smart home button design where, a tap takes you back, a press returns you home and holding it down turns the display off, and by the way that home button has a fingerprint scanner in it, and it’s actually really good. Super quick, and has a rotation angle of 360 degrees, so you can place your thumb on any angle and it can still read your finger just fine.

The back of the phone is made from metal and it really does feel like a quality device. Under the hood is an Octa-core processor with 2GB of ram and it runs really well, opening and closing apps is quick, and the multi-tasking is great, even with all these apps open you can switch between previous apps no problem.

On the front we have a 5mp camera and a 13mp on the back that takes some pretty decent photos, colours come out good and the depth of field was impressive on such an inexpensive device. In low light the photos get a little grainy but over all a very good camera for a phone at this price and there is a dual tone led flash on the back to help you out in the dark.

The video is good too, at full 1080p resolution and with lots of settings such as HDR and gridlines, you can even take 6 second GIF's straight from the camera.

There's a 3020mAh battery, dual sim card slot that can also double as expandable storage, and the flyme operating system isn't weighed down by heaps of bloatware, rather you just get the apps you need off the Play Store. Plus you even get a headphone jack on the top.

Bottom line is I really couldn't recommend this phone enough, it does everything you would expect a modern smartphone to do, its quick, easy to use, looks really nice, and it’s actually a steal at this price.

If you're looking at getting a new phone, and want something decent without paying heaps, you won’t be disappointed in the M3 S.

You can come into any PB branch and have a play on one and see for yourself how responsive it is.

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