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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - October 21st, 2016
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The modern-day involves Most of us spending a lot of time sitting down. from driving your car, to your desk at work, to when we get home. In fact some of us spend more time sitting then we do sleeping, and it could be worse for you then you think.

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular. Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch known for working on films such as Apocalypse Now, uses one while he edits, and says that standing gives you a much better sense of time.

Today we're going to be looking at a few products from Loctek to help with ergonomics in the workplace.

First, is a gas spring working desk that can just sit on top of any table. it’s got a shelf for holding your keyboard and mouse, and a little grove for holding a tablet or smartphone, but by simply pulling a leaver on the side you're able to adjust the height, allowing you to either sit or stand while you work.

It's built out of metal, feels really sturdy and the height is easy to adjust so I think this is a good option.

If you want to step it up a notch there is also this electric desk, that has a small digital control on the front that allows you to save 3 pre-set heights. So you can be working away, simply hit one of the buttons, and the whole desk will automatically raise to the height you set. You can set anything up to 120cm, and it can hold up to 100kgs. This desk makes it really easy to switch from sitting to standing or vice versa to keep you active throughout your day.

But Loctek make heaps of stuff to help your workspace, Like these dual monitor gas arms. All you need to do is connect any VESA compatible display with a few screws and you can lift your monitors off your desk and free up that desk space.

These arms allow you to move your monitors around, adjust them to the right height, or even change orientation to fit your current task, Plus there’s a bunch of accessories you can connect to these arms as well, Such as tablet holders, or even laptop holders, allowing you to make the perfect workspace for your needs.

They have permanent and non-permanent mounting solutions so you can attach them to basically any desk. Clean cable management for keeping everything tidy, and there is even a few models with USB hubs in the base.

Looking for a solid solution to mount monitors or TVs? Shop the latest in the Loctek Store today!

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